GM # 18 – Back in Memory Lane

I know that this post is not about sharing green living thoughts or how we can create a better world but I am just too sad to know that selling dvd’s like this are now being banned and i just can’t help to feel sad.

I don’t want you to think that I tolerate selling pirated disks or even giving you the idea to patronize them but being a lover of movies, especially old movies like this one, i just can’t help  to feel sorry for myself because I know i could not find something like this again for a very affordable price and to think all those great collections we had especially my prized Audrey Hepburn movies.

Hubby and I used to watch more than six movies in a week and yes we bought them from the dvd stands.  I believe one could not afford such to go to movies every day and I myself could not watch my favorite Korean Dramas just on relying on the television and just to say, I am not a big fan of Filipino movies, so sorry to say that but i guess i would rather surf the net that to do that. Maybe if they can produce great films like this one then i would share second thoughts about it.

The vendor we used to buy this dvd told us that this week will be their last and they are surely closing down by next week.  I believe this major change will greatly make a big impact in my life.

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  1. so true! watching movies in the big screen are very costly.. 🙁

  2. Yeah, right! I would rather like to watch movie at home. I can save money than watching at the movie theater. Anyway, Happy Green Monday. I am playing again.

  3. I love korean dramas too.. posted my entry sis.. hope you can visit it 🙂

  4. Green Home Elements says

    saw it on TV.. dito nalang sa Davao marami pa… hehehe 🙂 joining sis…

  5. same here, Sis. i do not want local films. sa tv naman pinapanood ko lang amaya saka news and public affairs programs. nga pala, you’re one of my top commentators for July. you can check it here…

  6. i love to watch movies too:) in the cinemas or in dvds. marami akong collection pirated nga lang hahaha

    for the first time sumali ako:) my entry is alredy up ehehe

  7. Sayang, di ako nakahabol (not enough time to make one)…busy sa Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog For 2011 and you are one of them!

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