Miss Earth 2012 – Continuing a Legacy of Beauty and Responsibility

 Continuing A Legacy of Beauty and Responsibility, Ms. Earth 2012 theme gears on more sustainable living.  Summing up the coronation night, Tereza Fajksova of the Czech Republic was named as the new Miss Earth 2012 after the coronation night held at the Versailles Palace, Alabang, Philippines.

Ms Earth 2012

Ms. Earth Philippines placed second being crowned as Ms. Earth – Air along with the other three lovely candidates.

  • Miss Earth 2012 – Tereza Fajksová (Czech Republic)
  • Miss Air – Stephany Stefanowitz (Philippines)
  • Miss Water – Osmariel Villalobos (Venezuela)
  • Miss Fire – Camila Brant (Brazil)

Four finalist answer the question of ” what is your defining moments as a woman” and i guess Czech republic wows the judges with her answer of protecting and respecting Mother Earth.

The doll like beauty Tereza (23) believes that “that a lot of people want to help the environment but just don’t know how to make a difference”  she believes that recycling is one way to help our environment and even with this simple effort it would create a huge  impact.    ms.earth.tv.

Ms. Earth 2012 – image via livewireworld.info

Indeed true, beauty, wit and advocacy, Ms. Earth 2012 will represent different advocacy project for our mother earth.

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