Monday Green Meme #6 – Trees for Life

Good Day to everyone!  I know, I’m one day late.  My apologies to all of you.


It’s always my dream to see a real or even a made-up castle in my life.  I think that would really be  awesome.

Thanks to Raya of Pure Thoughts

Here’s my share for this Monday!   Isn’t wonderful to see a plant as cute as this?


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Monday Green Meme #5


  1. That first picture is fantastic. Wow, at first I thought its a miniature but its not. Your plant looks gorgeous! My first time joining your meme 🙂 My Green Monday

  2. Lovely castle, I am planning to join this meme but I dont have much photos with green.

  3. joining with my first entry. 😀

    what plant is that? parang i saw them in chinese owned stores.

  4. the only castle I see is the “Chocolate Lovers”…the yellow castle of chocolates and confectioneries in Cubao. =)

    I always see plants like that and wondering how they did that.

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