Mother Earth, Pixies and Fairy Hobmother

I’m not in my good self this past few days.  I’m afraid that I am losing my skills and i don’t have the the heart to do anything.  I have my responsibilities and i know it was needed to be done.  I felt like a sad fairy wandering in the woods, finding some good things in her own world.


Mother Nature must have felt that same feeling, being alone, abandoned and no one loves her because the people around her, keeps on forgetting that she should be cherished.

fairies are there to remind us that magic exists

Just like this beautiful fairy of the woods.  I am longing for something and with broken wings, i kneel down and cry on silence. Good thing, i was blessed because I believe that there are good fairies that wanders in this world, fairies like the Fairy Hobmother that can ease your sorrows and brings you good news.

Shopping online  for kitchen accessories or washing machine is what every mother desires.  The thought delights me and the feeling that knowing some good fairies actually exists makes me wonder and believe that magic is not lost forever.  If you believe that you can be blessed too, you can leave your wishes below and who knows the fairy hobmother would be so kind to give you some magical dust too.


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  1. musings on meanderings says

    glad the fairy has landed here to spread some pixie dust 😉

  2. Satubuana says

    nice blog and nice article… i like it..

  3. congrats!!! I wish the Fairy Hobmother will sprinkle some love on my website, too! 🙂

  4. I’ve been seeing Fairy Hobmother everywhere. So generous.

  5. I wish that someday fairy will also land on my site to spread some pixie dust.

    Congrats! 🙂

  6. I just hope the Fairy Hobmother will also visit my blog/s. Hihi. 🙂 |

  7. Lucky you!!!
    Oh Fairy Hobmother where are you?

    You’ve been here and I was late to catch ya :))

    Send me some love too *wink

    Yesha <3

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