I can’t believe that it’s really been four years since this site is honored to be included as 2011 2nd Emerging Influential blog. To be nominated is already a delight since it shows that many fellow bloggers believe in your site and to gain an award is definitely one of my happiest moment as a blogger.

I am so happy that their are many new blogs that is trying their shot to make a difference on their own simple way on this digital times and be an influence to others. Here’s my list for this year top emerging influential blogs;

The Bag Investigator – I’m a frustrated chef but  I must say that I love eating than cooking too. This blog talks about bags, ooh how I so love bags and I think every girls love bags, she definitely gain my vote.

Merry Mommy May –  A life about a wife and a working mom. I always love reading sites that talks about their journey as a mother and wife. Until now, i used my personal hashtag #musingsofaworkingmom , empowering mom of this generation is definitely a big deal.

Bicol Bloggers – a site of bicolano bloggers who uses their presence to promote the Bicol Region recommending beautiful places to visit, resto worth visiting and affordable accommodation. – a blog of a fellow Nagueño, so there is no need to elaborate more why I chose this.  But honestly, Naga is something worth visiting. Although I was raised in Manila , this place makes my heart at peace, very nice and accommodating people and foods one must definitely try.

Manila Concert Junkies- the name speak for itself.  Definitely a site that talks about the best concert in Manila and ooh I’m so jealous on this gal, having been able to afford and watch this amazing concert. I wish I was single and with no other obligation.  LOL.

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Vote for your Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015 now, you still have up to October 4.

If you want to be included on this list, do let me know your site for consideration.

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