My Green Living Ideas was Hacked

My site is hacked and a Trojan Virus had made my day mad, sad and frustrated.  

Five blogs that are included in my cpanel were all infected with virus and I have no choice but to remove and re-install it again.  I was on the verge of giving up because I could not retrieve my

my posts and the thoughts of starting from scratch made me cry.  Good thing, i have a helping hand in the person of Mommy Rubz, she’s always been my blog savior and I’m really happy for having her as my host. I’m really grateful to her.

I’m still not yet over the idea of hacking but then, this is a lesson learned from me to occassionaly back-up my works and frequently change my password.

So, if you are not viewing this site properly, please do bear with me because I’m still working on it and hopefully everything will be back to it’s normal phase.

Virus Alert
SM newest Eco-bag design


  1. Oh God! i am sorry to hear you have to go through this Sis. I was here the other day to drop off some comments. I thought you were having a blog overhaul. Geez!

    Thank God Mommy Rubz is around, 🙂

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