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What do you think your children would say when you show them this beautiful room filled with Winnie the Pooh, probably mine would be jumping in joys if i would let her know that i am planing to re-create this set for her bedroom.   Home decoration ideas  are very important especially if you had jut acquired a new home.

 A pooh decorated play room for your kids would surely make them kiss you a thousand times,  the ideas are so vivid to them that they can eventually envision it even without pictures.  I always love apple green and the combination of this room is just a perfect thing in our kids bedroom.  Even thought it’s small and lack glamour, you can still create as something as beautiful as this, how?

Choose pieces that appropriate in your room.  Ideas are endless and can be found on the net.   Pick the one you can afford,  always don’t sacrifice your budget since you will be having problems in the future. You can always create an eco-friendly kids bedroom with choosing furniture that are minimal or comes from recycled materials around your home. Personalized projects can be done with your kids helping you around.  Do it yourself or DIY projects are very nice to create a personalized homey effect and even a bonding time for both of you.

If you are able to find someone who can help build them for you, it is more appropriate and save you some bucks since you can always ask for a discount with your friendly carpenter.

Ideas are just there to guide us, if you can able to get a chance to buy what you see, just make sure that your not over spending or you may end up with debts over your head.

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