My Style Statement inspired by The Ramp Crossings

Bright and inspired by nature.  Me and my daughter loves to dress up together.  Although we are not as fashionable as other family, we believe that accepting who we are and sharing goodness through our deeds is the most important one.  Sustainable and eco-fashion has been the major trend and this gear to a bright green future that we all longed for.

Being an eco-mom means you have to influence your family first on learning the ways on green living before encouraging others, going green is not hard to do if you put your heart on it and of course, it’s a color we always favor, wearing something green is a healing for the eyes and attracts prosperity but i guess, i will always be prosperous because i have my own “Prosperity” (which is my daughter) 🙂 wink.

For people who love green like us, “The Ramp Crossings”  offers fashionable and well thought selection that satisfy the taste of trend fashionistas, stylish setter and those practical seeking beautiful pieces to add in their wardrobe.   Although, browsing their online site, i didn’t see any note that their clothes are with sustainable and ethical fashion design but the mere fact that your buying online is a green idea worth doing.  You save time, you get to choose beautiful pieces at the tip of your hand, you save a lot of energy and less carbon footprints too.

Going Green – The Ramp Crossings

The idea of putting up an online shopping will be a delight for  buyers like us. Especially that our country has only few fashion online shop that offers beautiful pieces like this.

Panda - Sustainable Sunglasses
Flowers to make your life beautiful


  1. Jessica Cassidy says

    What matter most Sis is, we are comfortable of the clothes we wear. My little girl and I are not into fashion, will buy outfits for her that are affordable yet she still looks pretty 🙂

  2. I admire you for your green living.If only a lot of us leaves like you do then our environment would be better place to live in.

  3. Wow, this is Philippines online shopping site? The site looks nice, i visited it and created an account. Thanks for sharing about this.

  4. Seems everything is greenish 😀 I love green and TBH, you’ll look elegant on this one maam 😀

  5. looks like you love green 🙂 those are lovely colors very fun and happy. i love how you perfectly match your outfit and accessories

  6. I have few green clothes in my closet.I try to buy those green clothes to be differ.Shopping online is more convenient and hassle free too.Less traffic and less carbon dioxide on the road.

  7. Very chic indeed and fashionable. I like those colors as well.

  8. so green! you really are living the green 🙂

  9. I have convinced my sister of putting up an online shop of dress items from Korea. I attended a Multiply event and have been impressed on how e-commerce shop is considered an effective method in making money online.

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