Pilimania or Elemi Planting in Naga City, Cam. Sur

Naga City launches its Pili tree planting and aims that by 2012 30,000 Pili tree will be planted around the city. You know pili nuts are one of the city’s pride pasalubong for everyone.

Pilimania as it was called was launched last April 4, 2011 and the project seeks  economic benefits by providing the local pili industry a self-sustaining source of raw pili materials. Just recently I have learned that the pili resin (pulot) or what they called Manila Elemi Oil are used to combine in different perfume and oil.

Pilimania in Naga City


Pili tree or what they called Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum) produces gum which was sent to Manila from Sorsogon City in two qualities: ‘Primera’ which is cleaned gum and ‘Secunda’ which is still crude and unclean.

This Elemi tree has many medicinal properties and used for some organic products and can also cure pain related to cold, fever and sprains.  It was also used in some beauty products because it has anti-aging qualities. Some noted products who had elemi oils are Chanel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Dior and now Human Heart Nautre.

Addition to this, Pili trees unlike Acacia and other large canopy trees are more stronger and have much sturdier roots, making them more resistant to strong winds and typhoons which was very common in the province.

Ancient Facts:  Did you know that the Egyptian uses Elemi oil in their embalming process.

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  1. Pili products should be promoted worldwide. It’s a good thing that greenlivingideas is promoting it. Good Job!!!

  2. Edmund Labay says

    I am looking for elemi products. Can you help me find a contact person for this. Thank you.

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