Natural chocolate – a healthy treat for every sweet tooth

Once in a while, indulging on eating chocolates is one of my fave days.  Honestly, i am not just a chocolate lover but a totally chocoholic.

Chocolates are derived from the theobroma cacao tree. It is Greek word for “drink of the gods”. The cacao pods are carefully processed through fermentation, drying, conching (agitation), roasting, and tempering (heating) to produce what we know as cocoa.

Maybe, you have already know the many benefits of chocolates in our body.  Organic chocolates not just a help in our environment and people but also a great source of antioxidant which is as much as you can find on a glass of red wine.  The phenols found on chocolate are well known to help the immune system and reduce the risk of cancer and even promote good heart and as it is more darker, a more higher levels of antioxidants can be found.  Dark chocolate  contains more flavanoids than green tea.

Chocolates are really addicting .  Answer the following poll to know if your a chocoholic. 

1. Why do you eat chocolate?

 a. It’s a nice snack now and then.
 b. It’s a good way to indulge myself in sensual pleasures.
 c. It’s the fifth major food group, are you kidding?
 d. It’s my reason for living.

2. How much chocolate do you consume every day?

a. Less than two pieces (chocolate deficiency).
b. Three or four pieces (chocolate fix).
c. Five pieces (heavy user).
d. Six pieces or more (chocoholic material).
3. When is your favorite time to eat chocolate?
a. After a good meal.
b. Between meals.
c. As meals.
d. All of the above.
4. With whom do you share your chocolate?
a. Friends, family, co-workers, or whoever is around.
b. Close friends and family only.
c. Only with loved ones, and only if they’ve been good.
d. Share my chocolate? Are you kidding?


5. What is your favorite way to consume chocolate?
a. By nibbling a bit now and then throughout the day.
b. By swallowing whole chunks at a time.
c. By intravenous injection.
c. I dive into a 100 gallon vat and slurp.
Give yourself one point for every “a.” answer, two points for every “b.” answer, three points for every “c.” answer, and four points for every “d.” answer. Add them up and compare your score with the definitions below.
5 – 8
Novice Chocoholic
You’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Start with a daily intake of Creative Chocolates.
9 – 12
Chocoholic Tendencies
You’ve got the makings of a chocoholic, all right. You just need a little nurturing. Prescription: Increase daily dosage of Creative Chocolates.
13 – 16
Closet Chocoholic
All you need is a little push to get you to come out into the open. Some Creative Chocolates just might do the trick.
17 – 20
A True Chocoholic
As a matter of fact, you’re looking a little peaked and your hands are starting to shake. Must be time for a fix! Have some chocolates.  (this chocoholic test is created by Creative Chocolates) You can also check their website for more chocoholic treats)

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