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While half of the world is going gaga over well known cosmetics and make up brands which I would no longer mention names, they have great followers and instagrams and pinterest shows different MUA who do lots of tutorials and reviews about them but I’m all smitten on my Logona makeup and how it gives me natural glow in a most caring way.

It would be hypocrite to say I haven’t tried using other brands, since I have an ample to try and use on different occasions but I still go back on wearing my favorite look not because i got them on complimentary basis but because many of my friends would always compliment me when I wear them on my face.

a make up?

Logona products are certified natural which were created in Germany and distributed all over the world.  If you chance upon to read about Green Makeup , you will learn that Logona falls on this category because they do not contain synthetics, emulsifiers, paraben preservatives, binders, and fillers. Logona has BDIH and NATRUE certificate which means a reliable proof of natural and organic quality.  They are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS  and  most of their make ups are  VEGAN too.

Yes, we all want to be beautiful and mesmerizing to other but just thinking of too many chemicals and harsh ingredients on my face is just too much for me to bear.  I would prefer creating a flawless look without too much harsh ingredients on my face than to look good while sacrificing my health.

logona make up

From foundation to face powder,  eyeshadows, eyeliner pencils, lipsticks, blush powders , mascaras and concealers too, Logona make up are very high pigmented and offers light and dark colors to choose from that you can use on day time and night time look.

logona powder and blush

Looks like the powder is too light for me, so i I think it would just be good on highlighting some of my face like my T-zone.  The blush is good for spring and day time affair.  I have been using the Logona Eyeshadow Trio No. 3 and although I have not tried using blue shades but this one seems a nice combination to try.

logona eyeshadows

I have tried many different brands of natural eyeliners but this one from Logona is definitely my favorite. It’s easy to apply and it doesn’t break easily unlike the others and it’s great to use on your crease or on my under eye. (i’m thinking of posting on how to rock a colored eyeliner, so tune in for it)

double eyeliner

The double lip pencil is very pigmented and I so love the light smell of it but the only problem is it’s hard to open that sometimes, it breaks or get messy but other than that, it’s a total package. The lipsticks can last for quite sometime but needs to re-apply when you eat and drink.

logona swatches

Next time, i will let you see what make up look I create trying my best to do those contouring and strobbing with my latest Logona make up. For more latest products and natural beauty. Check Logona on Facebook and places where you can get them.

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