Natural Treatment for Scabies

Have you my post about the benefits of green apples?  If not, you can always check it out but today, i wanted to share to you a natural treatment for scabies. Have you ever heard about kurikong or kagaw.  Probably, you have known the first one, i still remember it during my school days, maybe the same reason, I really have no idea about it before.

Kurikong, kagaw or whatever it was called, this name refers to scabies or more popularly known as galis aso.  I remember my childhood days, it was a common word when you scratch a part of your body, your classmates or friends would often tease you of having kurikong.  But that word doesn’t absorbs in my brain during that time and I can definitely say that I haven’t had this skin problem when i was in my childhood considering the fact that my grand mother is strict and she always wanted me to be clean at all times.

Scabies is a contagious problem and it occurs to animals and humans alike.  The causes of this skin disease is a parasite called Sarcoptes scabiei or sarcoptic mange in animals.  It is very small that it can’t be seen by the naked eye.  A microscope or magnifying glass perhaps are needed to see what this parasite look like.

sarcoptic mange

You will learn that you are experiencing one when you see small red blisters look like. looking at it makes you think that it’s impetigo but checking it carefully, you can safely say that it was different.  It commonly occurs on hands, feet, wrists, elbows, back, buttocks, and external genitals and can cause an intense itchiness that eventually fire up during night time.

Because it is very contagious, everybody in your family can easily get contaminated when one has a mite within her body.  This mean, skin to skin contact or even when your sharing things , bedding, towels or even clothes.

Symptoms of scabies are often seen weeks after you have been contaminated but for those who have already had it before, it can occurs immediately.

This skin disease can be a big problems for children as it can cause so much itchiness in their body that can turn into wounds when they scratch them.  The itching is more aggravated during night time.

I hate the idea of having one but it’s a given fact that scabies can spread easily when another household member was suffering from it.

So, before the rashes and itchiness becomes worst, here’s some natural treatment that can help you.

Kakawate or madre de cacao

 Kakawate or madre cacao :  We have learned from some oldies that this is one of the immediate treatment on scabies (dermatatis).  Further research shows that kakawate or madre cacao is not just good for dermatitis or skin itching.  The fresh leaves can be applied directly to your skin especially to the infected area.  This is best done during night time after taking a bath.

Although, the leaves can easily dried out, so make use of it while it’s fresh.  Although, it’s easy to find this kakawate because the bark was used as fence or furniture but i don’t know if it’s easy to find in the metro, especiallly in Manila. But still, you can find luck with your local herbal medicine stores.

In some countries, kakawate is also used for headaches, cough, fever, fatigue and good as insecticide and insect repellent.

It has a foul smell but bearable.  Mites can stay for two to three days outside the human skin, so they maybe walking under your bed.  You can put the leaves under your bed to get rid of those mites. But as better, it is suggested that you wash all your bedding, towels and even vacuum the house.

Makabuhay for Scabies

Makabuhay: Is another medicinal plant that can help remove scabies.  It has many medicinal effect and used for malaria , athletes foot and pesticide

To use this, boil the vine (just like the one you see above) in a gallon of water for 15 minutes or maybe even more.  Add it on a pail and used for bathing for children.  Adults can use this as hot compress. You can also extract the juice and applied it on the infected areas.

Makabuhay means pro life or giver of life in filipino term, so it is just sad that this medicinal plant was believed to be use for abortion because of it’s bitter taste ,  so it is just obvious that if your pregnant, don’t use this even for bathing.

This is a wild plant, so it’s easy to find, you can also check your nearest medicinal plant seller.

Because of the benefits of the two medicinal plant and it’s comparison.  It has been used by many farmers to help in their rice plants.

Usually the itchiness can stay up to two weeks but if your experiencing it for more than that period, it is still best to ask your doctor or a dermatologist especially if your rashes are already all over your body because it might cause some complications which we don’t want to happen. Have you find this natural treatment for scabies helpful, if so, please leave a comment below.

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  1. we use madre cacao for ripening our bananas. never thought of this as a natural remedy for scabies.

  2. thanks for sharing all these great infos! and for the invite to join green monday. i dont have much greens lately. i will join next week. =)

    from BPC 233

  3. we also use madre cacao to help the bananas to turn ripe earlier than normal…

  4. Jessica Cassidy says

    these are wonderful treatment for scabies, never try it though 🙂 Dropping by from BPC.

  5. owww.. i didn’t know that madre de cacao can be use to treat scabies… that’s nice.. visiting from 233 BPC.

  6. I remember using madre de cacao to bathe our dogs back when I was small…I guess it is for this same reason…

  7. Natural remedy is often as effective as chemically produced meds. I didn’t know about this natural remedy for scabies.

  8. Wow thanks for this blog post my brother has scabies and i really hope we can cure it na

  9. I remember this plant back home too and what it is use for. I also know about a pobreng kahoy that is good for curing warts. I for one can say it worked because I had a wart one time and I didn’t want it to spread out and make more baby warts and a friend of mine told me about the Pobreng Kahoy. Magical healing of plants! 🙂 Mine is up! Although I didn’t have any medicinal information on my post today, but I do believe that thrifting is being green as well and my photos have the green grass on the background. LOL!

  10. wow cool information. i know we use madre cacao for herbal treatment as well but i never thought it can cure scabies too

  11. i heard this is good to treat scabies. my mom used to do the same thing to treat our dog’s scabies before. great post!

  12. Very interesting post … I’ve never had scabies but have seen animals with those red patches. Thank you for sharing these natural remedies.

  13. and i didn’t know cacao would actually work with scabies until i read your post…

    1 of our dogs seems to have it.. will try your share.

    cheers 🙂

  14. Madre de cacao is a good herbal medicine..Thanks for the post…

  15. Jessica Cassidy says

    I am glad the when we have pets, they do not have scabies. This is the best treatment.

  16. Kakwate, i used to play with this on my younger years, dmai sa province namin and i never knew that this is a medicinal plant.

  17. Carizza Chua ۰ᴥ۰ (@carizzachua) says

    ooohh so that’s the purpose of Makabuhay vine! I always see that in quiapo. I thought it was something that shooes away bad spirits -__-

  18. glad thees a traditional way of treating scabies! nice post 🙂
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  19. Skin Help says

    Hi there;

    Just reaching out to let you know about a scabies affiliate program with better banners that works very well.

    Good luck!

  20. wow thanks for the info

  21. Hello to you Ma’am, scabies is an infection caused by the mites and it affects anyone regardless of their status… And I have it 🙁 we bought a shihtzu puppy then after 4 days I experienced itchiness that almost killed me… sadly my father and sister nagkarun din po. 5 doctors na pero wall pa din SANA PO TALAGA MAGAMOT NA TO… di man life threatening pero kasi nakaka apekto po sa Amin… Thank you po TALAGA please update me po. God bless po


  23. Robin Wilson says

    I have not heard of either of these…but I won’t forget them. You are right, scabies is not something to be messed around with and scratching can lead to infection. So in the event someone gets them…this is how I will surely treat it! Thank you.

  24. @ proud eco-mom can you please mail me kung pano gamitin effectivelly ung leaves ng kakawate kasi tingin ko meron ako scabies tnx.

  25. @ proud eco-mom can you please mail me kung pano gamitin effectively ung leaves ng kakawate kasi tingin ko meron ako scabies tnx.

  26. where can i buy that kakawate leaves???? help me please

  27. ako rin malaking problema ko ito ngayon salamat sa advice

  28. Oh, I didn’t know Madre de Cacao can treat scabies. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  29. Thank you so much for this! We had an incident with scabies two years ago and I still don’t know where my daughter caught it. We took her to a dermatologist and thankfully the prescription she gave us was very effective (it was pricey so it’s a good thing they worked!) At least now I have an idea which medicinal plants I can use in case it happens again.

    • ethel siababa says

      Hello Ms Claudine. I am interested to know who your derma is. we had 4 dermas already and till now we still had the mites. Can you help me pls by dropping a note on my gmail.Thank you very much. God bless!

    • Maria Ambita Carlos says

      Miss claudine pwd po b mhingi ung name ng medicine n bigay ng dermatologist nio, pls. and thanks.

    • Miss Claudine Anu pong name ng gamot na binigay ng Dermatologist nio?

  30. I’m more familiar with galis aso than kurikong term. It is nice to know that there is natural treatment for this.

  31. Great information sis! Thank you for sharing. I will surely remember this effective and cheap way to get rid of scabies.

  32. Never had this scabies yet but I had pigsa na many times (lol). It’s nice to know that we can use some medicinal plants to treat this kind of skin disease.

  33. That’s really interesting. I didn’t know that that particular plant can be used to cure scabies.

  34. We love natural remedies. I’ll take note of this. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Thanks for sharing these info. They might come in handy!

  36. We have lots of madre de cacao in our backyard in Samar. We use this to ripen the banana.

  37. Very informative post! This sure is a great help.

  38. We’re all aware that natural;treatment of any diseases may sound effective when compare to a prescribed Doctor’s receipt. Natural med is nature’a best medicine for it didn’t undergo a processing.

  39. I hear that word Kurikong back when I was little kid. I agree with you! I didn’t pay much attention about it. This information that you provided is so helpful. Thank you so much Sis

    • “Kurikong” in Tagalor and in our dialect, Ilonggo, we call it “arikis”. Children, especially those belong to the poor family, are usually affected by this skin disease for they’re not clean. They lack a proper hygiene and regular taking care of their body as far as their health is concerned. (2nd comment of 2 – Gil Camporazo)

  40. What an informative post. The treatment is also done naturally so it’s very safe compared to the synthetic meds we purchase.

  41. Madre de cacao is common here in my town. We even have one in our yard where my mom puts her orchids. Thanks for the info. A new knowledge added.

  42. We are fortunate because even if we have pets, they have not yet experienced having scabies

  43. I know kurikong. I thought kagaw is germs. My aunt uses honey for skin irritations. I dont know it it also works for scabies.

  44. What I know about makabuhay is that it has anti-bacterial effect against S. aureus species. This bacteria is the common cause of pimples.
    With regards to kakawate, in our hometown, almost everyone that plants orchids used this as drift woods.

  45. I remember back in my hometown we have a lot of madre de cacao. I do not know that time that they are very useful.

  46. I learned something new today, thanks for sharing all these information. I don’t drink meds (I’m allergic) so I’m always on the lookout for natural remedies.

  47. I remembered taking those natural remedies when one had rashes or even sore throats.

  48. The Philippines is rich in medicinal plants talaga. Sana we would be able to find a way to market it, not foreigners patenting our products. we dont have madre de cacao in baguio 🙁

  49. safe b sya pampaligo? di ba makakairitate sa mata?

  50. ethel siababa says

    Hello ProudEcoMom is kakawate leaves after boiling it good for soaking our bodies lets say 15-20mins? Paano po kaya ito iprepare. nasa thank you very much Proud Mom for your answer! God bless and more power!

    • the kakawate needs to be below your pillows and beds because sometimes, the mites lives there. I have change change all the bedding and curtains because the mites can linger on it. The makabuhay on the other hands needs to be boiled and include it in your bathing.

  51. john francis abu says

    uhmp..? i thought what i have on my feet is “kagaw”.. but based on the definition above, it is not.. i have this under my foot.. it’s like a bump with water inside.. after i scratch one, it transfers to another surface of my foot the next day.. it goes on and on.. i’m suffering from this itchy disease for a few months.. what is this..? my mom told me that i used to have this when i was a baby..? how come that i returned, now that i’m already 24..? how can i cure it.. i hope u can help me.. thanks..

  52. tommyand sons says

    PROUDECOMOM, is it safe for my 1 year and 3 years old children in taking a bath? please help .. all of us ibn our familiy suffering scabies godbless tnx sa info

  53. tommyand sons says

    PROUDECOMOM, tnk.u so much.. dami na aming naaksayang pera yan lang pala godbless to you…

  54. Nagkaroon kami nito dati sa probinsya.dko sure kung eto yong ginamit ng mama ko hinalo sa pampaligo namin.basta after namin maligo around 7am magpa araw kami nyan tapos makikita mo talaga nagsilabasan mga kagaw.tapos sinusundot ng mama ko un ng karayom saka pisain na kala mo lisa lang.makikita mo din sa part ng makati may puti na kagaw sa gilid nyan gamitan nu karayom at hanggat kaya wag kamutin.kaya d tumagal nawala kaagad.nahawa kami sa mga kalaro dahil wala naman kaming aso non.

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