Nature Adventure at Mt. Isarog National Park

I totally forgot that I told you, i would be sharing my nature adventure during  the recent Earth day.  Hubby and I decided to climb Mt. Isarog and commune with the ever beautiful nature.  It’s been years since my first visit here and the beauty still remain. I hope that it will be preserved for many years to come so our children will still experience it’s full beauty.

Mt. Isarog National Park

Mt. Isarog lies in the province of Camarines Sur.  It has different falls which includes Malabsay Falls.  To reach the top, one can trek using two trail which is the Panicuason trail located in Naga City and the Patag-patag trail which can be found at Consocep Base Camp, Tigaon.  The patag-patag trail is not as you think a  smooth trek.  It includes different obstacles  and was really hard going up on to the peak but the view is awesome as many mountaineers claimed.

The Majestic Malabsay Falls of Mt. Isarog – just look at the lush green beauty

The two trails are not inter- connected with each other as it face different trails.  Although the east side which is the patag-patag trail leads you the crater rim and a better view of Mt. Mayon. There is also a water falls in that area but just like many says, Malabsay Falls  is still the best among the other falls which you can found at Mt. Isarog.

Malabsay Falls

Another falls which can be found in Mt. Isarog is the Nabuntulan Falls which can be found on top of  Mt. Isarog, another 30 minutes hike from the Panicuason Trail.  You need to turn left instead of going right which will lead you to Malabsay Falls.  Nabuntulan Falls is the source of Malabsay Falls as it comes from the top but nevertheless, Malabsay beauty is far more distinct.

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  1. Nancy @ A Rural Journal says

    How neat to revisit this lovely place. Love the waterfall! Beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best.

  2. ..been to CamSur but we haven’t stopped by at Mt. Isarog.. tinuro lng ng Tita ko kung san ang daan papuntang Mt. Isarog. LOL!

    ..hopping from BPC 127 🙂

  3. the place is beautiful. so glad it’s still well maintained. I have never seen a natural waterfall in my life. So I found those people who did very lucky. have a great week ahead!

  4. That looks like an amazing place to visit. The falls are beautiful!

  5. Those waterfall pictures are amazing.

  6. what a beautiful national park Sis 🙂 the falls is breathtaking to watch 🙂 Dropping by from BPC

  7. we have so many mountains here but none of them have been transformed into a nature park.. hehehe..

  8. bpc hop here by the way

  9. Such a cute and green adventure. I wanna be there, too! 🙂

  10. wow thats a beauty! thanks for sharing sis and for joining BPC!

  11. Place like this is what I love! I wonder when can I visit mountains like this back home… Great pics; thanks for sharing them! 🙂

    BPC hop!

  12. I’d like to take my kids to see a real waterfall here in the Phils some time…

  13. Wow, I love waterfalls. a must visit place..:)

  14. That waterfalls looks really inviting. I’m not really an outdoor type of person but with a view like that, I can be.

  15. The place looks so tranquil. I just live vacation spots that are far from being crowded. 🙂

  16. clarizze says

    lovely waterfalls. our small town has a small but beautiful falls, i wished the local government will take charge in improving the still untouched area.

  17. looks like a great place to visit!!:D

  18. Saan ba pwedeng mag-inquire about mt. Isarog endemic flora and fauna? pls. i need help.


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