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I have heard it a more than a hundred times, beautiful skin is a product of good genes yet today, having a radiant and beautiful skin can be achieved with the right healthy diet and proper skin care.

There are those who even spend thousands of dollars just to achieve a healthy glowing skin but then you also have the options to find beauty formulas that works like magic without spending thousands of dollars over it.

It’s not a secret that I always wish to have beautiful smooth and whiter skin not that my skin is so dry, just it lacks moisture and sometimes i can feel that there are parts that are rough.

I started to learn about Neocell a year ago.  I’ve tried their collagen supplement and their yummy fruit burst and yes it indeed help my skin improved a lot or so much better. But because of my daily exposure to sun and other free radicals and not to forget the daily stresses of life. I need something that can help me maintain that nutrients my body needs.

neocell burst with acai berry

neocell burst with acai berry

 That’s where Neocell Biotin Bursts Gourmet biotin soft chews come in.  It was rich in high potency biotin that helps promote good hair, skin and nail growth and it comes in a soft chewy candy that is very easy to eat and contains all natural products.

 Another main ingredient of this biotin bursts is acai berry and we all know that acai berry is known as super foods. It’s high in anti-oxidant as well as in fiber.   It’s the healthiest berry that you can ever found in our planet. Because it is rich in vitamins it can help you achieve beautiful skin inside out .


You only need one chewy candy for a day supplement and yes it can goes a long way especially the feeling that you know that the magic of acai berry is working inside you. Now,  some of my friends are complimenting me that I look younger than my age. Others keep on asking  about my beautiful long nails and how I manage to keep it long. Now you know my secret and yes, it isn’t a secret after all because I always tell them that I do take supplements since I was not born with a beautiful skin nor face.

So, what do you think how old I am? Any guess?


Yes, I’m 33 and proud of it. I’m a proud eco-mom with two beautiful kids.  A working mom juggling my court duties and a passionate blogger. I take this picture  right after my bath. I just dub a light lipstick and added some brows and my nails are without any nail polish today. Now, that’s the proof I know you have been wanting to see.

Now, I’m ending my post with the quotation i always love to say, “it’s okay to age as long as you age gracefully”.  Remember that we can never stop our age because if we do then it means our life has comes to it’s end but then we can delay aging by choosing the right products and living a healthy greener life.

Visit Neocell today and learn more about their beauty supplements or visit their retailers to get this product. To know the latest updates, check them out at Facebook.

Product Info: 30 chewables for a 30 day supplement. Regular price : $14.95.

Disclaimer:  I am not compensated for this post.  Although, I received a product to facilitate this review.  All opinions are mine and maybe different from others.  Pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.  No part of this post can be taken or copied without the permission of the author. Links are for your convenience. 

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  1. You say ‘promote healthy hair’ and I’m all ears! Is this just sold abroad? Could be the very thing I need. I don’t think I can take the Acai berry juices being sold, but a candy might work.

  2. I agree- the only constant in the world is change, so change for the better! I’ve been hearing these supplements but haven’t tried one. Maybe, soon. 🙂

  3. Oh interesting! I think having chewable vitamins should help me get into the habit of taking them. I always forget!

  4. I love neocell – some of their supplements have always worked for me. This is something I think I want to give a try too!

  5. I never thought that a vitamin like this can be chewable plus the flavor of it is so tasty to chew ( I guess).

  6. Supplements are very essential but its does work but not for everyone.

  7. It’s my first time to hear about those but thanks to you. I guess, I’ll buy some of those. How much are those btw?

  8. Amber Ludwig says

    Wow these sound great!! I’m always looking to improve my skin but never think to go beyond the topical.

  9. Neocell Biotin Bursts Gourmet biotin soft chews sound wonderful I’d love to give them a try. Thank you for sharing this review.

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