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With the many brands and products coming in the market today, it’s really hard to find a product that true to it’s package specification.    Our body deserves to be treated with only the best, that’s why we need to eat foods that are not just delicious but also healthy.

Achieving a green healthy body is not only relying trough eating foods. We need to drink supplements that can help us achieve better and good health.  Protein is very important in our body, one type of this protein is the collagen which is made up of amino acids that is found in our body.  This fibers support body tissues that  supports cells inside our system.  Collagen loss or not enough collagen in our body  is the reason or cause of those growing wrinkles most commonly found on our face and some parts of the body.

Neocell , a multi awarded collagen supplements provides the collagen loss in our body. Their line of nutricosmetics is designed to nourish the body with essential healthy nutrients to enhance beauty from the inside out making you radiant, healthy and beautiful. 

I was lucky to be given a chance to review two of their growing products and just like those well known actress and actors vocally attesting about their collagen experience, I am very excited to achieve the same result.

The Neocell Collagen +C , Type 1& 3 in particular provides the  amino acids that our body needs to replenish the collagen supply it needed. It helps build and supports our bone, skin, nails and help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles .  It helps thicken hair and slows down the loss.  It also improves the circulation of our body and wound healing which builds a lean muscle by helping burning the excess fats while we are asleep.  This collagen supplements is composed of nineteen amino acids  which includes glycine, proline, alanine, and hydroxyproline.

As suggested, i should take three capsule of the supplement, since I have been drinking the other one in the morning, i drink the Collagen +C in the evening , 30 minutes before dinner to help burn the fats i have been meaning to shed off.


Meanwhile the Fish Collagen +HA is part of their nutricosmetic which is designed to promote strong, healthy and hydrated skin which we definitely needs especially for active, working mom like me.  This supplements supports to optimize new collagen production.

Some of the benefits listed on Neocell website in taking Fish Collagen+HA are; 

  • Promotes strong and resilient skin matrix
  • Promotes skin elasticity and firmness
  • Provides the building blocks for collagen synthesis
  • Assists in cell turnover in the skin
  • Antioxidant for UV generated free radicals

As we ages, HA production also slows which resulted in  loss of hydration and elasticity in the skin does it’s very important that we take supplements like this to help restore the missing HA in our body.  Recommended intake is two capsules. Since I really have a poor bones,  remember the bone scan i have shared to you a year ago(which was really below normal) i have high hopes that within months it would be better.

neo cell collagen supplements

I know just like with other supplements and vitamins,  overnight result cannot be granted but with continuous usage , visible result will be achieve making you see the difference and significant result.  A week of continuous intake gives me more healthy hair and my skin is more tighter than ever.  I have also positive thoughts that my fine lines will be gone within a month. (i will let you know about it) .

 my green living ideas tried andt ested products

What I love with Neocell is that I have the assurance that I am getting the best product. For over 20 years they have been giving natural, premium anti-aging formulas which made them  the leading Collagen brand in the world.

Since I have been promoting green healthy living, I would really love for you to try Neocell products, since they are naturally based, not synthetic, and are specifically designed to promote youthful health, beauty and total body wellness which all of us wanted to achieve by the way.

Visit NEOCELL WEBSITE to learn more about Collagen or you can visit iHerb to buy .   Get a discount by simply using this code, CIP001.  If the order is $40 or over the discount is $10, if the order is smaller, its $5 off.

Here’s the best part.  One reader of my site will get a chance to have their very own Neocell collagen supplements ,  WATCH OUT FOR THE GIVEAWAY,  this will be a part of a big giveaway i have prepared especially for you in connection with Earth Day.

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  1. if you wanna go the natural way, these food can enhance your collagen production: garlic, soy products, tomatoes, dark green vegetables, omega-3 rich food and red fruits & vegetables.

  2. It’s good that there are supplements like these, but I think it is really much better to eat natural food for a healthier living. Fruits and vegetables will surely help! 🙂

  3. Believe it or not, I don’t take any vitamin supplements, because although some claim to be all natural and what not, they still have some kind of chemical in them since they still have been processed in some way. 😛

  4. I’m scared of popping pills. I think I will just eat healthier and fresher foods.

  5. i must admit im not getting any younger and i guess health supplements or vitamins that enhance the skin and body per se wouldn’t hurt. although i still prefer the natural way of being healthy.

  6. I am not into taking supplements either, proper diet and exercise is good enough for me.

  7. sounds like a good natural supplements marz….:) what I’m currently using right now is DXN.

  8. This is what I need a supplement that would help my nails to became stronger. Thanks for sharing about this.

  9. Gven-Rose says

    food supplements that promises to give healthier looks is sprouting like mushrooms, i wonder if they are really effective.. its scary to think the side effect they can give to human..

  10. It’s nice to take some supplements because as we age our body deteriorates and if we don’t supply our body with the right nutrients we will get sick easily or get tired easily. I taking some and it’s b12 or the fish oil supplements

  11. These are really wonderful and helpful products to have Sis Mel 🙂 I am sure I need this as I will reach 40 next year huh! This is a must to help the skin firm and radiant indeed


    I am really excited bc I have a shipment of NeoCell Collagen Chocolate Mint chews on their way for me to try. I already take collagen and biotin pills but these sound like a lot more fun way to take them. I’ve only heard good things about them so far too. : )

  13. Kayleen Considine says

    I’m always afraid to take too many pills because I take anti depressants. I’ve never been a vitamin lover because I don’t like the way they make me feel.

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