Ninong/Ninang Bucketlist: Top 3 Ideal Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is the happiest season of the year most especially for children. In fact, whether were 9 years old or 9 years old 28 years ago, most of us tries to see Christmas with child’s eye. The younger you look at what really Christmas should be and should feel like, the more you would realize how simple it is to be happy in life.

Again, Christmas is for children and as Godparents, we play a very vital role in making this season indeed a happy occasion for our beloved godchildren.

So what do kids nowadays want for Christmas?

A trip to Disneyland would be the best gift you could bestow your godchildren with, but of course, not all godparents can afford to do so. So for now, we could settle with these top 3 ideal Christmas gifts that would lighten up any child’s eye which you can easily find at Lazada PH.

  1. A high-tech gadget

A tablet like the new Polaroid Helium 7 will be one of the best gift they can ever receive, a Smartphone or a game console perhaps comes next. What’s in and what’s hot would always please any child. Tight on budget? Electronic gadgets are not as expensive as they were before, so giving your godchildren brag worthy gift is already far from impossible.

  1. Shoes

Some Godparents would go for gifts that they think their Godchildren needs. Shoes are the best option they have. Whether for school or for casual wear, any kid would love to have a new pair of shoes regardless of the occasion.

  1. Carnival Tickets

Give your Godchildren an experience they would cherish and remember for a long time. Help them conquer their fear of heights and go accompany them in a roller coaster ride. Kids would love to spend time in the nearest ice skating rink of a snow park. Give them the winter wonderland experience they would never forget.

Be the best Santa any child could ever think of. Shop now and get the best of everything for christmas.

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