No facebook? What!!!!

I can still remember, ten years ago, the first thing I would check is my YM (yahoo messenger) and occasionally,  I would visit Friendster and check out my friends.  I also remember being addicted to multiply because I wanted to posts my baby’s picture online but when facebook come to the picture,  I know, just like many other, facebook has been a part of my life and my daily routine.
I started browsing and end up making friends and joining online games.  I cared for my online pet at pet society and I even buy tokens so I can buy things for my online pet.  Such a waste, don’t you think but just seeing it relieves my stress and then came Farmtown and farmville, yoville and even until now my husband is super addicted to Castle Age and he would occasionally asked me to buy him some things for his castle.
I don’t know what will happen to many people if  facebook will be gone, as I remember last year this news spread like crazy on the net and everybody is talking wild when they heard the news.   But I know just like anything, things will passed and forgotten but facebook will remain lingering in the hearts of many.
So, in case if your not into facebook yet, here’s a very easy as 1.2.3. how to become a member of facebook using your mobile app which you can download via google play store.
The apps is so easy to download, you can choose the regular version or the facebook light version wherein can save you space.
Fill out your first name and surname since facebook generally knows if your just a scammer or spammer, make sure to input names that can be recognizable or you can present your identity.  You can use alias or your nickname if you don’t want others to know your full name since the social media are full of scammers so make sure you don’t divulge information that are too personal.
When you already created your facebook account, you can easily add pictures, find friends, use the messenger and most of all post status regarding what you feel but make sure to follow the social media etiquette of what to post or not.
There are lots of things that you can do through facebook.  Now, they also have facebook promote for your page which I will show you later  on another post how you can promote and gain more readers and followers for your facebook page and eventually boost your website articles.
Facebook had been a part of my daily life and I owe some gratitude for it because I have met my long lost mother because of it and I have gained so many friends because of it.  I won many things and gain a lot of heartaches and frustrations because of it but most of all, i have learned how to interact and be open to myself and to others.
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