Online Shopping: A Greener way to reduce your carbon Footprint

 As we go on our daily lives, each activities we make contribute to the total carbon footprint we consume.  There are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint and efforts to disseminate this information has been all over the net and the television this days.   Small actions can make a difference especially if those actions are collated and done by many individuals.

There are many simple ways that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint only if you knew how to start.  Shopping takes a big part of carbon footprint, the time you use your car to the time you go to each stores and eat on your favorite resto after a tiring walk.

Now online internet shopping gives the convenience of shopping at the comfort of your home and gearing in an eco-friendly way which helps reduce not just your carbon footprint but also time and money and avoid over spending because of impulsive buying.   Online Shops like Lamido. PH is a good example of an online market place wherein you can Buy and Sell products.


Buyer or consumers can get the best products at a very reasonable price.  Since majority of people are experiencing hard life, we always look for awesome deals and cheap prices.  At Lamido, you can find Home and Living Things, appliances, gadgets, personalized items and the latest on fashion trends.


The best thing in this website is the chance to sell your pre-loved and refurbished items.  It’s another green thought since the items you no longer need can be owned by others who don’t have the capacity to buy in full amount or just love getting a discounted item.  The marketplace is secured and seller doesn’t need to pay  a listing fee while  the buyer also has the security which is a win-win situation.

Do check out today and enjoy shopping.


You can also download the app via Google Play.  Just find lamido  and download the app and your ready.

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