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I’m a coffee addict.  I begin my day with a cup of coffee and ends it with another one and even some in between.  I always prefer dark or sometimes with creamer. So, a flavored coffee, this one sounds really nice and interesting,  don’t you think?

It’s my first time to hear about Ooh La La brands from a fellow bloggers and my excitement and curiosity grows when i see that they offer organic coffee and tea. Ooh La lac coffee and tea comes from is one of the finest drink you can find in the market today.   If you are a regular reader of this site, you will know that I always prefer organic and natural based products especially those who promotes green living.

Made from 100% Arabica beans, Brew La La Coffee (named for their collection of coffee) are hand selected from finest growing region in the world, Africa, Indonesia, Central America and South America.  Although, i’m not certain whether this coffee comes from fair trade market (which i wish they support too) since it was not disclose in their website.  But one is for certain, products were roasted and packed in the USA using a packaging that is not just pretty but totally eye catching.

They sent me apple pie, cream brulee and cookies and cream which i found really addicting.   If my counting is correct, they have 47 different flavored coffee that you can choose from. The flavor is just right and the aroma is very rich that you will crave for it. What I love best with this coffee is their interesting line of flavors since you can choose whatever you like each time you feel like drinking a different taste of coffee than your usual dark or milk coffee.

Another product that interest me is their Brew La la tea which are USDA Certified Organic product. If you had that seal of certification, it means you passed the quality and standards of organic products set by the National organic program in the US who determines whether a brand has passed the organic compliance.

Ooh La la tea has different organic tea flavors that are rich with not just taste and aroma but contains the healthy benefits that is good for our body and relaxing to our mind.  Great for any time of the day but I always prefer drinking tea after coming home from the office to make me relax and help my mind for the creative juices to pour in so i can start a post like this.


But did you know, before they offer coffee and tea, Ooh La La starts offering sweet and chic greeting card which is also known as Candy Care.  Founded by a team of mother and daughter Ooh la la now comes strong with their motto of changing the world one sweet treat at a time.  Definitely something my heart can relate too, since i’m offering my site to the benefits of our Mother Earth by living a more greener life one step at a time.

Now aside from sweet candies, Ooh La La also offers  cocoa, candy cupcakes  and Ooh la la pourri .  Do check them today and experience for yourself the rich flavor of their best organic products.  Like them on Facebook for updates.


And here’s something for a great CAUSE.

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