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Organic Fertilizer

To be classified as an organic fertilizer, it must be a fertilizers compounds that contain one or more organic materials.  There are different level or degree of being organic as well as different organic fertilizer products that are available in the market.

When we are talking about organic fertilizer here, organic foods will come in our mind thus using organic fertilizers you are gearing to have an organic product/produce. Fertilizers such as this must  composed of elements that are produced in a completely natural manner, without the aid of any synthetically manufactured components or additives.

There are many different kinds of organic fertilizers. Animal manure is a common ingredient in both commercial and home prepared blends. Rotten produce,bone meal, and the decomposing plants removed at the end of the season can also be chopped or ground in to small particles for inclusion in the fertilizer.  I have also seen a vermi tea (another organic fertilizers that can be used for your crops)

 I’m happy to learn that our city, (Naga City) have created their own organic fertilizer  that can be distributed/sell for a minimum fee to many crops owner. The organic fertilizer that you can see above came from nitrogen, carbohydrate potassium and was produced by the Solid Waste Management Office of the Local government.  Bio organic fertilizers is indeed something worth trying.

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  1. darylynn says

    thanks for info

  2. I like organic fertilizer to grow fruits and veggies..

  3. Sandy Cain says

    Of course, organic ferlilizer is the best.!

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