Organic Food for your Pets

Organic foods are very in demand today. Many people are trying their best to live healthy thus eating natural and organic foods and being a pet owners they wanted their furry pets also  to have this kind of healthier living too.   We wanted our best to eat organic foods, something that has no preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides or hormones and because we love our pets so much, we also wanted the same healthy habits for them. Obesity among pets is a serious concern as overweight dogs have lesser energy to exercise and thus pose for possible risk to them. Organic foods for your pets is something worth giving since we all love them.

with our favorite chi-chi

Foods that are 100% natural or organic are much far healthier rather than the synthetic additives.  Although there has no scientific evidence or research that supports organic foods for your pets but just the thought that it is natural and has no preservative would be encouraging enough.  Organic foods for pets help them to develop a sound immunity system that can prevent stringent allergic and digestive disorders.

But before joining the bandwagon,  you must first consult your veterinarian of the possible result for your pets and if he thus give you approval, you could find Organic food for pet in many online stores.

You can check this book to learn more about how you can have a green living with your pets


The Natural Pet Food Cookbook: Healthful Recipes for Dogs and Cats

Pets Gone Green: Live a More Eco-Concious Life with Your Pets

Beyond the Cloth Diaper


  1. You bring up a great point. If you love your pet why feed him or her some dry crunchy things that are made of?? I just found out how much my dog loves rice and carrots (organic, of course)

  2. Leatrice Crape says

    Thank for your content. It’s work!

  3. bobby tende says

    although we don’t have a dog, i think this one is very good for them.

  4. My dog is also partly-vegetarian. He especially likes eating sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and apples. I still don’t have the courage though to cook his meal myself.


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