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Since I started to live a more healthy and eco-friendly life, I have always preferred  products that are organic and using the process that is not harmful in our environment.  If you remember my post last year,  there is a difference between eco-friendly products and organic products .  At first, I was confused about it too but further readings, you can definitely see the difference.

Organic products ranges from coffee, chocolates, candies and some other commodities that we usually used in our daily lives.  Although some may say that organic products are a little bit pricey than the regular products, the benefits and the taste is really far different if I may say so.

Chocolates are simply addicting, i guess majority of people would agree with  me.  Even now that I’m on a diet because of trying to rid this extra weight, a bar or pack of chocolate especially as yummy as Kopali Organics could not make me stop to try and get a bite.

Kopali Chocolates use extraordinary cacao from small sustainable farmers in Peru –  with manufacturing packaging right  in Peru, to ensure the highest quality of flavor, intense freshness, least transit/carbon footprint, and, greatest possible positive impact, both social and environmental, directly supporting the farming communities.

Kopali’s special blend is dark chocolate, roasted and crafted to be rich but not bitter, and to balance that richness with pure sweetness.  (For the sweetness in the chocolate, they use the “panela” form of cane juice, which is thick and brown – it is the completely unrefined molasses, with just the water removed, so it has all the minerals, fiber and vitamins of the sugarcane plant intact.

Presented in personal-size resealable bags, Kopali Organic chocolates meets and  was certified Organic and Fair Trade  and it comes in different flavors , Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cacao Nibs, Chocolate Espresso Beans, Chocolate Goji Berries , Chocolate Mulberries and they even offer different 100% pure fruit superfoods.

kopali organic chocolates

Every bite is truly heaven because you have the assurance  that each product contains incredibly pure, with no refined sugar, no oils, no dairy, no preservatives or additives (and of course they are always 100%  vegan and gluten-free).

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kopali organic chocolates

There are several organic chocolates i have tried over the years and I’m so ecstatic to try this one too. I guess, what makes this product really more interesting is the fact that it comes in handy packaging (which you can bring and eat everywhere , anywhere you want) and it’s very affordable , something every thrifty mom could include on their shopping list.

Now, here’s the best part , Kopali Organics is very generous to provide my US readers a chance to have not just one but six bags of assorted chocolates for them to try.

It’s easy to join, just follow the steps on the rafflecopter.  Enjoy and Stay Healthy!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms and Conditions:

  • Giveaway ends on March 10, 2013
  • Winner will get Six Bags of Assorted Kopali Organic Chocolate
  • The sponsor is solely responsible for fulfillment of the prize
  • No purchase necessary
  • Entry open to anyone, 18+ US residents only
  • Winner will be chosen at random and will have 48 hours to respond otherwise a new winner will be picked
  • This is in no way connected with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media

Feel free to re-pin my post but do not re-post this on your blog or any other website.  Pictures on this post is from Kopali Organics website and facebook.

To know more about Kopali Organics,  check out their site  and follow their Facebook page.

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  1. Lydia Harpe says

    Covered banana or multiberry sounds good!

  2. Chocolate Banana
    babybensmama at yahoo dot com

  3. domestic diva says

    The dark chocolate covered goji berries and mulberries both sound great.

  4. Diana Stanhope says

    The covered espresso beans sounds good!

  5. The chocolate covered espresso beans sound awesome

  6. Too yummy looking. And organic, too? Best of both worlds

  7. The mulberries look delicious but I would probably like them all.

  8. Chocolate mulberries ..yum!

  9. I loved these. They are all so good.

  10. I love anything with chocolate.

  11. working MAMA says

    this sounds awesome… i just hope next time i encounter this giveaway is open WW so i can enter

  12. chocolate banana sounds very interesting. hoping to win this so i could try it 🙂

  13. Organic chocolates sounds very healthy indeed. You are right, even if organic products are a bit pricey, the benefits it brings to your health is worth it.

  14. chocolate covered bananas sounds delicious!

  15. I hope I can try this chocolate. This is my first time to hear about organic chocolates.

  16. Love to join but it’s open for US residents only 🙁 anyways good luck to all the participants!

  17. Like the chocolate covered espresso beans

  18. Organic foods might be pricey than the regular products, but the goodness that it does to your body is priceless. I have some friends who switched to organics because they chose to be healthy.


  20. I’m torn between espresso and goji berries.

  21. I would love to try the chocolate covered banana!


  22. I’d like the caoco nibs!

  23. Oh wow those look amazing!

  24. This sounds good. I haven’t tried this yet.

  25. You had me at chocolate banana!

  26. The chocolate goji berries.

  27. CHocolate espresso beans.

  28. Chocolate Goji Berries! lpcraig (at) gmail dot com

  29. Thank you for reviewing organic product, i always want to try new organic chocolate.


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