Organic Sambong – Herbal treatment for kidney stones

Kidney stones are very common these days.  There are four kinds of kidney stones, calcium stones, uric acid stones, struvite stones and cystine stones and it sizes ranges from small to big.  Most stones are calcium stones which was due to excessive calcium absorption, these stones are usually hereditary. Uric acid stones were form when you have low urine excretion while struvite stones are caused my infections.  Meanwhile, cystine stones are caused by condition cystinuria, a rare congenital defect that was caused by amino acid systine which usually form in kidney or bladder.   Usual symptoms is the pain from the upper back to the lower abdomen , frequent urination , blood in the urine and for those milder one is just like a stomach flu.

Sambong tea

One popular way to relieve this symptoms  is taking sambong, a medical herb which is also known as  (Blumea balsamifera),  although it was categorized as not having a legitimate claim of curing kidney stones.  Some doctors and even the Philippine Department of Health approved the use of sambong for treating kidney stones, after all there’s no harm in trying.

Sambong is diuretic  which means it helps dispose excess water and sodium stored in our body and is not just well known treatment for kidney stones but also for hypertension and common colds and even fever.  It is shrub that more commonly find in the Philippines which means, we are lucky to have ample supplies of this plant.  You can directly boil some leaves in a cup of water and take it after meals but it also comes in a form of tea or pills.  

sambong tea

Since, i rarely had time to buy sambong leaves in the market, I used sambong tea which can be bought on our nearby local supermarket.  Good thing, there are organic sambong tea that you can buy if you don’t have enough time to look for the leaves itself.

At this time, i have no idea if i have kidney stones and I wish i don’t have since i already had gall stones.

Herbal medicine has been widely used since time immemorial but it is always safe to seek a doctor or medical advice before trying one.

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  1. It sounds awesome! I need to bookmark this page and pass it on for my mom.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I like herbal medicine. I feel it is a lot safer to take.


  4. Sandie W says

    This might have been nice to know a few months ago. I just had my gal-bladder removed yesterday.

  5. Sandie W says

    I wish I had heard about this months ago. I just had my gal-bladder out two days ago. 🙁

  6. Robin Wilson says

    Nice to know though I have not heard of sambong before. But with my medical issues it is not safe for me to use anything like this which is a diuretic. That is something you are correct encouraging ppl to seek advice before using regularly.

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