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Skinny Skinny – starts at $8.00

Organic soaps can be your next best friend.  We might not know that many of the local soaps that we buy on our nearby mall are full of chemicals that can lose the moisture in our skin.  If you are serious on going green, you can start practicing it by using products that are good for our environment and provides natural beauty,  after all we all wanted to look young and beautiful. It can also be a green wedding favors if you are thinking to have an eco-green theme wedding.

Organic soaps are made from natural ingredients which is free of harsh chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colors and dyes, parabens, growth hormones, detergents and all other ingredients classified as human carcinogens.  Organic soap is Ph balanced and gentle on your skin. Organic soap is allergy tested, and it is colorant and fragrance free. It has no  harmful ingredients of  herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or even pesticides.


Now, you have decided to buy organic soap not just because you heard that it was good for the skin and it might be a simple choice for you but the benefits are extensive and you get a chance to help our environment. Organic soaps are not tested on animals and uses natural organic substances stated above which are good even for sensitive skin and was proven to  give  glowing skin.

Organic soaps is good for our body, the natural oil that was used is made of all natural products such as organic essential oils, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic palm oil, organic coconut oil,  organic hazelnut oil, organic sunflower oil; organically grown plants like organic citrus or strawberry,  organic lavender, organic peppermit, organic cinnamon, organic cocoa and coffee,  organic green tea, organic ginger, organic shea butter to name a few.

On buying your soap, it always good to check the labels. Check if the soap includes harmful chemicals and if they have all-natural organic ingredients. Some organic soaps are handmade and you can actually do it on your own home, if you have a ready ingredients.

SkinnySkinny organic soap is just one of the most known organic soap in the market but of course there are many brands you can choose from.  This Rose & Almond soap is a perfect gift this coming Valentine.

SkinnySkinny Organic rose almond soap

Now, next time you buy a soap, think about the benefits you will be getting.  Sometimes, advertisement and brands can be deceiving.  Go organic now and help our environment.

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  1. chubskulit says

    Very well said Mommy, not only that the user benefits from it, mother nature will do too. Thanks for joining Color Connection.

  2. I love organic products — soap, oil (cooking and not). Surely works well for one’s well-being.

    Thanks for linking up sis! –Mirage

  3. I bet it feels wonderful on your skin. Visiting!

  4. Jessica Cassidy says

    I love the name Sis, never heard of it but very interesting product to try 🙂 Visiting from Color Connection.

  5. I agree! It’s better to use organic soap than the other commercial soaps in the market. It’s better for our skin and we are assured that we are protected from harsh chemicals.

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  8. i always enjoyed ur post on going green, melandria. keep the great posts coming.

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  10. Jessica Cassidy says

    beautiful soap and love the name 🙂 so unique Sis 🙂 Visiting from Pink Fridays Sis, hope that you can return the visit too.

  11. Yep, organic is the best and it is very healthy and very safe.

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  12. Organic products, rocks!

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  15. Looks like a nice soap. Sharing to you My Pink Fridays Entry.

  16. chemical-free, i’m sure maganda sa balat yan.

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