How Overflowing Waste will Affect Your Health and the Environment

It more than stinks. Garbage piling up in the garden or yard, is more than an ugly sight and a bad smell, it’s a real risk to the environment and your health. Whether it is your own waste which is piling up or a neighbor’s, it is something to be dealt with as soon as possible. The risk can come from both organic waste which is slowly decomposing or inorganic waste which may contain toxic materials which can leak or be spread by the weather. Here’s a few risks that waste presents.

Direct Health Risks

As noted above, decomposing organic material stinks, as do many toxic materials. However, the decomposition of organic products attracts both vermin such as rats and foxes, and also insects and other bugs which feed off it. This in turn can disperse the material over a wider area, and spread diseases. Both rats and insects such as flies and mosquitoes carry a wide range of infectious diseases including malaria, cholera, typhoid, gastroenteritis and in the case of rats from history, the bubonic plague. Any kind of contact with such animals increases the risk of you or your family, or a neighbor catching something.

Environmental Damage

In addition to air pollution, organic and inorganic waste can spread. This can happen by being spread by the weather, being turned into leachate and seeping into the water system, or by contaminating the soil. Water contamination will happen with water courses rather than table water which is too deep to be reached. It will, however, still pollute waterways, causing damage to plants, animals, and insects living off the ecosystem and potentially harming anyone who drinks that water. Soil contamination will affect plants too and anything which eats those plants.

Community Wellbeing and Mental Health

No one wants to live in a neighborhood filled with trash and decay. Dirty environments have been linked with not only poor health, but poor community spirit, higher crime rates, poorer standards of living, rising levels of tension and mental health problems, and lower house values. A messy home or neighbor can cause depression, anxiety, and stress among resident populations.

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