Paperless Faxing: How to Get Started

Unprecedented technological progress has made the environmentalist aspiration of the “paperless office” an actualized reality, in the business world. Today, whatever your business, you have the practical and affordable ability to bring a formative eco-consciousness into routine office operations, by going paperless with online faxing!

What is “Paperless” Faxing?

To effectively transition from traditional to paperless faxing, you should first understand the concept of a “paperless office,” and specifically what faxing sans paper entails. What IS this “paperless” trend anyway?
The term “paperless” refers to any kind of work that customarily used or was accomplished with paper, but has been adapted for compatibility, with new information and communications technologies.
Correspondingly, a “paperless office” is a work environment in which paper use and dependency has been greatly reduced—by converting documents into digital form. Indeed, “paperless” is now used interchangeably with terms like digital, electronic and online, and to represent the progressive movement to make eco-conscious practices a fact of everyday office environments.
“Paperless faxing” is today’s foremost embodiment in applied practice of this movement’s workplace integration, of technology and environmentalism. Paperless faxing is essentially online faxing, “online fax services” empower businesses to use existing web connections and email systems. Online faxing helps send and receive the entire document facsimile communications as digital file attachments, ready-to-read anytime and anywhere.

Double Green Motivation

A fundamental step in getting started with paperless communications is becoming motivated to do it properly and consistently. Launching a voluntary process of change requires confidence that its benefits outweigh any potential negatives.
Happily, as to paperless faxing specifically, all the motivation you need is all but mustered for you. The advantages of switching to online fax services are many, universal, automatic, immediate and proven—both for your business, and the environment at large.
The fact is that traditional landline fax machines enact a demonstrably heavy toll, again, both for your business and the environment. Faxing the traditional way generates staggering amounts of waste: it burns through paper, energy and natural resources, and it accumulates untold costs on your budget, resources, time and efficiency.

paperless office (Photo credit: thaths)

Switching to online fax services eradicate this waste across-the-board. Paperless faxing saves you money, space and time, boosts productivity, facilitates documentation and information-sharing, and enhances security. And, by the switch’s very nature, you’ll do the environment a real ongoing solid.
Now that’s motivation! A meaningfully green decision replete with full cost/benefit rewards for you.

Choosing Your Service

Finally, your decision to go paperless confidently made, it’s time to choose your online fax service provider.
Multiple targeted resources have been developed precisely, to aid businesses in transitioning from traditional to online faxing. Most critically, top online fax service providers offer free trials for test-driving their services for optimal compatibility with your needs and priorities. These trials effectively complete your transition to paperless in practice.
Users of online fax services from Metrofax, for example, are privileged to 30 risk-free days in which Metrofax literally guides you through its every digitized process, provided for greatest ease in paperless fax communications.

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