Pasta Laing – A healthy and greener Christmas treat

Laing is always favored by many Bicolanos. Majority of the people knows how to cook them and restaurants and small eatery had their own version of laing.  Although it was very easy to make, right procedure is needed so that you will achieve the saucy texture without the itchiness in your taste bud. Being raised in Manila, I am not fond of dishes that are cooked in coconut milk (guinataan), I prefer dried dishes or with soup but when I married a Bicolano, the first thing I needed to learn (of course beside learning the dialect ) is their favorite spicy guinataan dishes, spicy is out of the question because my father is half Bicolano and we both love spicy foods but dishes cooked in coconut milk is one thing I have to learn.

So, I have to ask new found friends and relatives on the right procedure and to let them share with me their well kept techniques and secret. Everybody had something to share and of course at first, you will never get it right even if you have followed the basic procedure but as time and years goes by, you will surely know it from the heart.

Now, I am sharing with you another version of Laing topped on Pasta. Maybe you have already heard about it including, Laing Ice Cream, Pizza Laing. This is something your family, friends and visitors will love. I bet, you will be the subject of talk on tomorrow’s  topic and your friend will surely all be dying to ask for the recipe. Now, for the recipe, Join my Journey!

Pasta Laing



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