Personalized Burlap Pillow from Simply French Market


Monogrammed, personalized products are definitely beautiful. I have been long fascinated with personalized products and been thinking of having a burlap pillow since the process of doing this is really interesting.

For an overview burlap is made from a women fabric which comes from the skin of plants or vegetable fibres that eventually created to become a rope, nets or just like the pillow below.


Sometimes it was used as sacks for grains , like coffee and or tobacco. So, imagine making it as a throw pillow. It was definitely a fresh start and interesting product for that matter.  I love that it came from a sustainable products and personalizing it makes it more pretty.

Simply French Market turn burlap to beautiful pillows and others too. To learn more about what they offers, Visit Simply French Market at etsy today and see for yourself their collections.

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product for me to try but it does not affect my opinion.  All opinions and pictures are mine unless specified otherwise.

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