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Eco Warriors aims to help our environment.  This newly formed organization by former Senator Miguel Zubiri and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources believes that it is his duty to create awareness to every Filipinos about  environmental issues and laws and for them to  encourage and create actions to help our environment.  Abuses and violations of the laws should be reported so as the proper authorities can make the necessary actions against the certain people or group. (eco warriors.ph)

I believe that we as a citizen of this country and our Mother Earth has the duty to protect our environment as well as to show our care and ways to live a more greener life each day.    Some detractors says that this is just a political move for the former senator for him to be elected on the incoming election.  Whether politically motivated or not, what we have here is the fact that there is someone who is willing to do the work to preserve our environment which is what we needed most in this environmental crisis that we are suffering right now.

I believe that we are now in the verged of environmental crisis because the effects  obviously shows; flooding, climate change, global warming, el nino, la nina, these are just the many problems that we are encountering right now and that is because many of us still lacks the heart to do our share to help our environment.

I for one, doesn’t want to be involved in any political issues, i don’t know him personally or voted him on the last election but i believe that each person or organizations that truly helps our environment is just worthy to be mentioned and supported.  We are not actually supporting the person behind the movement but what we want to achieve is the goal behind the advocacy and for that i salute every person who have the heart to stand proudly to help our environment.

Here are the objectives of the organizations;

Among the objectives are:

  • To instill among Filipinos to love and care for the environment;
  • To encourage the active participation of the people for environmental protection;
  • To conduct information and education campaign on Philippine environmental laws and ways to conserve, preserve and protect the environment, and that ecological balance leads to long-term economic development;
  • To report and/or facilitate reporting to the proper authorities or government agencies of violations of Philippine environmental laws through the use of the internet and social media;
  • To advocate for sustainable development and climate change adaptation and mitigation measures; and
  • To undertake other activities and projects that will help in the pursuit and realization of the association’s vision and objectives. source
Would you be an eco-warrior and help our environment?If so, you can show your support and register now and help the environment.
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  1. Sounds like a very concious organization!

  2. Great objectives. I wish everyone will work toward achieving them.

  3. good to know that they have pushed this through. let’s forget political issues and election, let’s all do our part! 😀

  4. this is such a wonderful advocacy. we should start saving oiur environment to avoid disasters like ondoy

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