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I’m proud to be an eco-mom although I must admit that I’m not perfect.  I believe that developing green habits can give a better chance to live a better life and that’s why as much as possible I prefer to live a greener life by using products that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

One brand that supports the green advocacy is  Planet shoes,  they endeavor to bring  the best shoes, bags and other accessories in the most eco-conscious way possible.  To maintain their standards,  they picked the best products that blends function, style, comfort and value to meet the eco needs of their customers.

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Others view that natural and vegan products are  somehow more pricey that the other brands but this is big contrary to the belief of many.  Over their 160 eco-chic brands,  I was lucky to try Jambu,  which uses only 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable packaging.

Each Jambu outsoles are made with partially recycled and re-usable compressed rubber and keeping on mind the comfort and style it brings to the wearer. Jambu shoes gears on outdoor fashion and designs to withhold the active lifestyle of all eco-conscious people.  The Jambu Bianca Trail Ready It’s very lightweight and comfortable to the feet too, although it was built to withstand the wear and tear of the terrain and because it was water ready,  you will never have that feeling that it was hard or uneasy to use.  I never had a chance to own a vegan shoes before and I was really excited to try.

eco-fit with Jambu shoes  offers different outdoor shoes that you would surely love to have.  Their designs are really nice and looks comfy, that’s why it’s a great thing to use such product.

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This is a great pair for all those who love to go on hiking or even running or perhaps if your thinking of joining eco-fun run or fun walk.  I so love the idea that they are recycled and I know that by patronizing eco-friendly products, I was able to give my small share on spreading this green news.  It’s really worth buying and you would never worry of it’s price since all of their products are within your budget and not to forget that Planet shoes is indeed a one stop shop for all your footwear and accessories needs and in this process, you were able to save your  footprint which can make a huge impact on your family and more importantly to our environment.

sneakers So what are you waiting for?  Check out Planet Shoes today and   you can even browsed Jambu collection.  Follow them on facebook 

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  1. Looks comfy. I would love to have one in pink. Or maybe purple. My old sneakers need a replacement eh.

  2. Sounds interesting vegan shoes eh? hmmmmm I hope it last long

  3. Wow! Not only is it eco-friendly, but also very pleasing to the eyes <3 Love the color and style of those shoes =)

  4. Great to know that it is earth friendly. I guess we should really invest in this kind of footwear.

  5. definitely checking this out!! great shoes for a gym person like me 😀

  6. That’s an answered prayer! I’ve just been bitten by the running bug, and am looking for good running shoes. I like those, because I can wear them not only for running, but also for hanging out with friends. Love it!

  7. its not to know the benefits and how interestng this eco shoes!! they’re all getting bigger! nice design too!

  8. Kelly Powell says

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Sandy Cain says

    Vegan shoes! I love it. Cruelty free! Thanks for the review, this is important!

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