Pocoyo supports Earth Hour 2011

There is no question about that.  Pocoyo is Peachy’s first love.  The first time she saw this show, she could not get over it.  From morning till the afternoon replay, she would always love to see Pocoyo.  Why? who would not love pocoyo, even Mommy Ria enjoys watching them.  It’s a show were you can just sit down and smile and laugh with every Pocoyo’s adventure.  You can forget your problems and enjoy the show.

Pocoyo earth hour

Now, Pocoyo is joining Earth Hour 2011 advocacy. On March 26, 2011 from 8:30 to 9:30  p.m. everybody is encouraged to switch their lights off for the Earth Hour .  This is also to show our support in thoughts for the people of Japan who is currently experiencing the saddest time in their life.

Green Monday Meme # 3
Green Earth- one way to save our planet from tsunamis

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