Points To Ponder When Searching For The Best Paint Sprayer

Are you planning to paint your house? Instead of denting your bank balance by hiring a professional, why do you not do the job yourself? Search online… you will find various types of paint sprayers, which cost less than the fees of the specialist, which allow you to complete the job professionally and efficiently. However, you should first check the functionalities of the different types of airless paint sprayers available on the market, note down those that meet your requirements and purchase one that offers the best value for your money. With the warranty period apart, here are some of the criterions that you should check for and how they differentiate just another sprayer from the best paint sprayer.


You should always opt for a sprayer that can handle a wide range of materials, irrespective of their viscosity. Apart from being able to handle normal paints, it should also allow you to spray thick latex too. It should also have a paint control that allows you to adjust the pressure emanating from the nozzle. Otherwise, more than 50% of the material blasted out from the nozzle is wasted in the air and only a small percentage lands on the surface you are trying to paint. Therefore, it is advisable to spend more and purchase a model that contains fully adjustable pressure to give you ultimate control of paint flow regardless of the project size.

Nozzels and hardware

Can you imagine the dilemma you will have to face if you have to search for the knobs while painting? The best paint sprayer typically contains nozzels at easy to access areas… typically on the handle of the spray gun. The number of accessories that ship with the sprayer is another important aspect that you should check. Check the number of paint tips included as standard equipment with the sprayer. Certain models include reversible spray tips that allow you to clean clogged tips quickly. You should also check the length of the hose as well as that of the power cord. The material used to manufacture the spray gun is also important. Those made of stainless steel last for many years, as they do not corrode.

Spraying crown molding

Are you planning to paint ornate crown molding as well? You should ensure that the sprayer you plan to purchase has the ability to spray enamel perfectly. Your best option is to go for an airless model as it has more output. It also has the ability to spray waterborne paints and latex as efficiently as spraying solvent based coatings such as enamel or oil under coater. Look for a model that allows you to adjust the pressure and the tip size to accommodate the coating.


Why tear down your kitchen backsplash and spend a fortune by installing a new one, when you can easily spray the existing one? In the old days, people used backsplashes in the kitchen to protect its walls from splatters and spills. The wide range of materials and colors they are available nowadays allows you to enhance the décor of your kitchen. If your kitchen includes dull and boring backsplashes, give it a sparkle by painting it with a spray gun.

Painting wooden furniture

There is no need to call the specialists as you can easily paint your wooden furniture with the help of the best paint sprayer. Make sure that the model you purchase has the ability to handle latex paints efficiently. Sand the surface to remove bumps and vacuum clean the residue. Spray along the full length of no more than two boards at a time to avoid overlaps. Let the paint dry thoroughly before using the furniture.

Final thoughts

Given the wide brands and models of paint sprayers available, it is best to go through the pros and cons of all of them before purchasing one for painting your home.

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