Prepping For an Eco-Friendly Summer via the Windows

Quite alarmingly, we’re quickly approaching summer. While BBQs, paddling pools and whatever else might be on the tip of your tongue, for some people it’s something far dourer. These people are worried about their energy bills – and how “ungreen” their home really is.

As the media have highlighted on so many occasions over the years, energy isn’t getting cheaper. Unfortunately, this now no longer affects us in the winter, with the warm summers meaning that any air conditioning systems now cost an arm and a leg to run.


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We should firstly point out that we don’t have any “hacks” that are going to put you on a cheaper electricity tariff, or any magic cooling device that somehow runs on thin air. Instead, we’re going to take a look at the root of the problem – just how do your rooms get so hot in the summer?

Naturally, it’s through the sun. However, if you dig deeper, the vast majority of this heat is allowed into your property via the windows. The glazing is the only point where the sun can freely pass through and turn that once normal house into something of a greenhouse (and on this occasion, that’s not in the eco sense).

Therefore, we need to find a way to prevent this sun from glaring through. At the moment, apart from boarding up your windows with wooden planks, there is only one way to achieve this – via some form of window treatment.

Fortunately, the days of engulfing your home in complete darkness are long gone. Once upon a time the experts may have told you to simply stick up a row of curtains, and prevent any sunlight from entering the property (along with natural light).

Now, the landscape is changing somewhat. While the above still can be done, and you probably develop an eco-home based on such principles, there are much more effective means.

One of these ways is via solar shades. In short, these are blinds which are able to block out the “hot” UV rays, but still let a few through into your home so that you can benefit from at least a little natural light. They kill two birds with one stone and in an instant, you’ve cut down your reliance on your expensive air con system.

There are plenty of other window treatment products that can help you on your way as well though. If you are intent on using a solid blind, like a blackout blind, you can combine it with a motorized system.

Then, you can only pull down the blind when the sun is facing onto your room – allowing at least some natural light to flow through during the day.

For those who are looking to protect their home from the hottest of temperatures, something like the insulated blind could work well. Even though this was designed for cold temperatures, the same principles still exist and you can protect heat from penetrating into your room, rather than escaping.

As you can see, the options really are endless for making your home deal better with the heat. Admittedly, some of the solutions may involve extra expense, but it will add considerable green points onto your home and save you money in the long run.

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