Preserving Memories with Canvas on the Cheap

Disclosure:  I receive an item for me to review but my opinion is in no way influence by such.

Just like any other families, we love going out, travel , eat together and create happy times to add in our beautiful memories.

The introduction of digital age definitely make things more possible and documenting those precious moments is very easy with just your cellular phones or dslr and if you want to look at them again, you will just open it on your cellphone and relive the lovely moment your family or friends shared together but there are downside of this techie side of people that sometimes hard copy is no longer an option.

For someone as sentimental as me, i still prefer to have them in a photo album or prints and those memorable pictures, i make it a point to have a canvas print to hang or place it inside the home for a great reminder of that special day.

Recently, i got this opportunity to have another memorable picture printed on a canvas and definitely a sweet surprise since Canvas on the Cheap indeed produce quality yet affordable canvas print.

It’s so easy to create your canvas and their website interface is so easy that you can create one in a minute. I got a 16 x 20 but you can choose different sizes. What more is that they accept different modes of payment and currently offering a discounted price.    Creating is surely a lot of fun but the quality  is definitely a good deal worth of your money and the finish product is something you can keep for a lifetime.

Happy memories are worth cherishing and turning them into a printed canvas is a great way to preserve and look back to that special moment.

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