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I have been hearing praises and rave about this Konjac sponges and honestly , I have wanted to own one but just couldn’t have the time to get one.

But it’s my lucky day since Beauty Shelf, a company that offers premium beauty products offered me to review their konjac product.

What is Konjac and its benefits 

For those who don’t know about konjac sponge, here is a little introduction on this small sponge that works wonder.  This sponge comes from the vegetable fibers of konjac (konnyaku) or devils tongue.  It is usually found in Japan, Korea or China.  It has been known to be a medicinal food thus included in some sumptuous meals especially in Japan and Korea.  It is also used for detoxification and recently sold as a facial cleanser.


The Beauty Shelf’s konjac sponge comes from 100% organic plant fiber, it is natural and environmentally friendly which you can used on your face or body to remove dry skin and acne to achieve smoother skin .  It doesn’t contain chemicals or harmful additives. It’s organic and eco-friendly. One sponge can last up to 2 to 3 months, if it’s already worn out you can just decompose it on your garden.

  • 3 PACK – ★ Charcoal ★ – for acne, blackhead and pimple control ★ Green Tea ★ – for mature and damaged skin ★ Natural White ★ – for sensitive skin and babies.

I also love the heart design of this sponge.  I think they are the cutest konjac sponge i have seen in the market and easy to hold.

So, if you have a sensitive and acne skin problem, the konjac sponge is one product that will definitely work well on you.  I have been using it on my body specially the arm and legs to make it more smoother. Since it’s natural, you can also use this on your children.

Get the Beauty Shelf Konjac Sponge  at for only $14.99, that’s a $20 dollar savings from the original price of $35.00 .

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  1. Alison Gibb says

    I really need to smooth my rough winter skin. I would love to try these sponges.

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