Product Highlight : Ozeri Fresko Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder



For someone who loves to cook, it’s very important to have the right product that can help make your cooking easy. Whether it’s a barbecue night, pizza time or just cooking a nice dish for your family and friends, salt and pepper are just one of the main ingredients in almost all of my recipe that’s why i always make sure that i have a stock that is readily available when i needed it.


But sometimes, i had a hard time crushing those rock salt and pepper but I don’t want to buy salt and pepper that are already grind because the taste seems different.

Good thing, grinding would never be a problem to me anymore. This Fresko Duo Salt and Pepper grinder from Ozeri is definitely a nice addition to my kitchen accessories.

The two in one feature of this product is really interesting. I used to have a salt grinder before but it does not last long.

This Fresko duo features a powerful ceramic gears for effortless grinding action of peppercorns, salt, and even spices. It features a nice stainless steel which was designed in Germany.

It also has also two adjustable knobs for grain adjustment which can help you choose between fine to coarse. Using this product is really easy and a great help too.  Now, i’m thinking of doing a great condiment for the vegetable salad I’ll be making tomorrow.

Get this amazing Fresko Duo on Amazon today by checking out Ozeri Fresko Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder, Silver  or like Ozeri on Facebook to learn the latest updates.

Disclosure:  I receive a free product for my unbiased review.  This post contains an affiliate link via amazon, a trusted site wherein i bought my own supplies,  once you buy the product, i get a small amount to help this site. My opinion is mine and may differ to others.  You can do your own research before buying the products.

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  1. I would love to have this one I love fresh ground pepper on salads.

  2. Alison Gibb says

    I really like that the grain size can be adjusted. I have never used a grinder that can do that!!

  3. The Ozeri Fresko Duo Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder looks like a great product, it’s definitely something that I would purchase, for myself or as a gift.

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