Re-living Jose Rizal life and love

On June 19th, exactly 150 years from that day, Jose Rizal our National Hero was born. Because of his great contribution to our country, his life and works are always reviewed and praised.


When I was in my high school years, i’m not a great fan of Rizal’s works, Although, i often visit Paco Park (that is where we always hang out) I believe that there is other great heroes out there that have been left unnoticed.  Although, i am quite an activist that time, i prefer to show my disappointment in actions rather in words.   But as time goes by, i realized the power of pen.

When i went to college, that’s the time i got interested to study Jose Rizal’s life. It is because i felt that somehow I belong to the past.

I am proud that i studied at the same school where his three sisters Olympia, Saturnina and Soledad and two woman he loved Segunda Katigbak and Leonor Rivera studied.

Walking our corridors school, a vivid vision of Rizal’s years while walking here and visiting his great love Leonor lingers in my dream.  I felt i am blessed because, the original place where he used to sit and walk through are the same path, i used to take every day.

concordia college

I wish i had a digicam before.

If Jose Rizal was born on this time, i know he will have many frustrations because of what is happening in our society.

  • It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the field without becoming a part of any edifice.
    Jose Rizal
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