Recommended Book: Gardening with Peter Rabbit

I love Peter Rabbit. He is so cute and very playful.  This actually my sixth book on the collection of Peter Rabbit.  When I first saw this a week ago at Book Sale, I was ecstatic and in the same time nostalgic.  I have always love to read books, mostly novels and interesting facts.


I used to read books for my daughter while she was still in my womb because I believe that it will help her to become a book reader. Now, that she’s six year old, i still inculcate to her the value of reading books, starting from different interesting children books.

IMG_6775 Back to Gardening with Peter Rabbit: A Gardening Set  by Jennie Walters and Beatrix Potter, you will find different gardening ideas perfect for different season.  Many of the ideas and procedures are very easy that your children can do with your help of course.

I thought it would be nice to pick one project which you can do this coming Holiday season. It says that it’s best to do during August for the bulbs to grow fully before Christmas but I guess, you can still do this at this time.


Gardening projects like this helps you and your children to bond together and also helps them to get the idea  and associate this event on how people can protect our Mother Earth by planting trees.

So, what do you think of this project?  Cool right!  Let me know your thoughts and share them here.

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