Recycle : DIY Racks for your Book Collection

For those who love to read books,  it’s very essential to have a rack or storage for your beloved books.  Although buying a book rack or shelf can cost you thousands ,   rack rails from musicians friend may be an inspiration to create your own racks for your books.

You don’t need a lot of knowledge to begin this task, all you need to do of course is to have the materials to create one.  You can start by finding those tools on your own home and of course, you can always buy easy to build racks from your hardware stores.

You can also turn your old cabinets to become a new shelf for books or perhaps that small boxes which you can hang on the wall.  Small carton boxes can be turned into a nice box for books too.  You can cover them with a designer paper covers and stock them in one place.


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  1. Great idea, and one that will help me store all my books and save money at the same time!

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