Renewing Your Home Energy And Going Green

I have found myself wandering the Internet in search of renewable energy sources, simply because the fuel in our economy is getting more pricy and I want to weigh up the options and see what else there is out there. Okay, not everyone can build what the government are doing, the 350FT masts that are dotted around the country, we don’t need to, we are powering a home, not a city.


The Options I Have Found For The Family Home

Well the first one is quite obvious to anybody, we have all seen them on rooftops before, solar energy! Collecting solar energy is not just for electricity it can also be used to heat the hot water in the home and in some cases the radiators (Central Heating), the solar hot water system can also be used for underfloor heating systems. Many people think builders will arrive and tear apart the house, take out old piping and replace it with special pipes. This is not the case, the pipework in your house can remain the same and pretty much untouched, the new system will fit right in place of the old.

The Biomass Heating Option

Whilst searching this option, I did read many complaints about the burning of these types of wood and the devastation it has on our environment. Well, I am pleased to say that looking further into it the biomass fuels burn far less dangerous pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, which is what scientists call “acid rain”.


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Logs, pellets and even wood chip can see a Biomass heater kick into action. The system can heat certain rooms or even the whole house depending on how far you wanted to take it, you are also able to install a back boiler into these things to heat up the central heating or boiler so that you have hot water throughout the home.

The costs are pretty cheap considering the fact that solar technology and wind technology needs upfront investment to install, which means dipping into those savings, whereas biomass is an on-going money saver from day one.

Getting Grants

I am not sure about the rest of the world as I live in the UK. Here in the UK we have a domestic grants system in place where it is possible to have the renewable energy technology installed and then either go onto a feed-in tariff, which means you will generate your own energy, any you do not use will be sent back to the national grid to use, in other helping pay for the costs of the installation but at the same time you have just saved yourself YEARS of mounting bills, which are rising every single year.

The other option is the renewable heat incentive which allows you to be paid for sending energy back to the company and the grid. This does mean (If I looked this up correctly) you pay for the installation of your own back and sell your spare, left over energy, back to the grid.

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