Rizal’s 150th Birthday – GM # 16

As we celebrate Jose Rizal’s birthday, let us all be reminded on the great things he had done for our country.  Just like my previous post, I am so proud to be a Filipino and you must too.  We should always remember that Filipinos are worth dying for (quoted from Jose Rizal himself).  Although, I do hope there would be no bloodshed again  just to claim the real freedom that many of our national heroes fought before.

jose rizal @ 150

Yet, we don’t have any Spanish friar nor mighty conqueror today but we are still facing different battle, a battle of hunger, woman trafficking, corruption and poverty. There is no need to call on another hero because we on our own simple way can be one.

and to our Dear Hubby, Father, Daddy, Papa, Dad, Tatay, Itay and whatever you called him!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

father’s day card

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  1. Happy 150th Birth Anniversary to our National Hero! 🙂

  2. agree, we do not need another hero for we can be heroes ourselves. change…change in our living.. we can do our simple way of contributing safety to our environment. and, on ourselves, let’s keep traditional (beating this so-called modernity) by keeping our VALUES in tact…
    have a happy week.

  3. hi there, i agree with you, we can be heroes too..

    happy GM!

  4. linking up my other site, as well. thanks:)

  5. chubskulit says

    Hi sis, is it just me? Di ko makita ang mga entries hehehe, nakalinked up ako but can’t see the others.

  6. korek! totally agree….:) ganda naman nang card…belated happy father’s day kay hubby mo sis…:)

  7. kahit di super hero at least in a small ways lang na maging hero tayo.

    Life Moto -Have a Nice Day!

  8. para ngang mas mahirap labanan ang battles na binanggit mo lalo na ang poverty. 🙁 but I agree with you, we can be all heroes in our own small ways. happy GM!

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