Road Trip 101 : Travel Essentials for your Getaway

It’s not too late to grab that bag and pack your things for a short getaway with your family or friends.  Before the rain make it’s wrath, you can make short preparation on going out of town ,  a nice road trip is something that can help you ease your mind, relieve stress and create meaningful and precious memories together. 

Get a grip of yourself and make sure that you have the travel essentials for your getaway.  If not, you can always check out  Lazada since they offer a wide array of different travel essentials,  a sturdy  duffle bag, backpack or even soft case luggage to fill in your things for this vacation. 

Take a moment to pause and make a lists of essentials things that you needed for this road trip because you don’t want to end up not  bringing important things.

Some of the things you need to pack are;

A camping Tent : you never know when you needed one especially if you intend on sleeping beside the beach. But never get too near the water or else you will be washed away.

Pillow, sleeping bag, thermal blanket are just some of the things you also needed.

A rechargeable flashlight is a must and you can always make use of the power of the sun to charge them.

Thank heaven because  car navigator  or more commonly known as car gps is now readily available to help traveler  to find their way in and out of the metro.  This is something worth having especially if your going to new places.  This GPS is indeed the travel essential you could ever need.

 Documents like Identification card, credit card, driver license, car documents are also important especially if you encounter policemen on the road.  It’s always safe to bring them with you to avoid additional hassles.

Foods are very important,  who would like to travel on a long road with an empty stomach?  Clean water is also a must since you don’t know whether you can find clean water on the way.  Canned food, crackers and no cook food are the best you can bring especially if you are not bringing a cooker on this trip.  It can save you time and especially money since you don’t need to eat on drive through fast foods.  Chocolates is also nice since it can give energy and refresh your mind eventually. Make sure to bring your own plastic bag for your trash.

Bring lightweight clothes,  cotton shirts are nice but don’t forget to bring your rain coat and jackets for the  cold evening.   Never ever forget your sunglasses, it adds  to your overall fashion and a great way to protect your eyes.  A nice pair of extra shoes, slippers and a pair of socks in case it get’s colder.

Bring along an Mp3, cellphone and all your charger for your gadgets. It’s also best to bring with you a power bank in case there’s no place for charging.  I so love the color and style of this  orange  DTC DP5 6000mAH Power Bank .

Travelling is indeed fun especially if you have everything you need.

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