Room by Room: Quick Tips to Reduce Your Power Bill While Protecting the Planet

We all resent having to fork over our hard earned cash on our electric bill. While we try our best to conserve energy, and cut down costs as a result, our best efforts are thwarted by internal laziness, personal comfort, and forgetfulness. Yet, in the face of a changing climate, we clearly need to change our ways. Here are some easy tips to help you bring down your power bill, while at the same time, helping out the planet.

Deal with the Appliance Situation

First things first. Unplug your appliances when you’re done with them. Yes, everything from computers to the microwave, television, toaster oven and more. All appliances still use some energy while plugged in and not in use. Unplugging will shave some cash off your next bill.

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The next part of the appliance equation is buying the right stuff. If you’re in a position where you can afford to upgrade your appliances, look for a unit with the most stars. Whether that’s a washer or dryer or a new stove, the more stars the better, indicating a higher energy rating. But, think about size before you buy anything. A smaller unit with less stars may be more efficient than a larger unit with a top rating. It’s all relative.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Seriously. Even if you just change one or two bulbs in your home to a more energy efficient version, you’re cutting down on your consumption in a meaningful way. Replace conventional bulbs with LED lights, particularly bulbs that have been Energy Star rated, and use up to 80% less energy, while having to change lightbulbs less often.

Get Rid of Drafts

While internal ventilation is generally thought of as a good thing, leaks in your home insulation may be causing your home to heat up or cool down, counteracting your efforts to keep your home at a certain temperature.

Put caulk around drafty windows and doors, or invest in double glazed windows. Check out double glazed window pricing here.

Windows and doors aren’t the only places that leak air. Here are some ways to tighten up your home to keep things running more efficiently.

Cut Down on Air Conditioning and Heating

Because heating and central air have become so commonplace in our homes, our bodies simply aren’t as used to adapting to the environment as it changes. Don’t cool your home to the point that you are freezing on a hot day. Open windows early in the morning or late at night to let cool air in the home, and promptly seal everything up. Use shades and curtains to double down on this effect.

Alternatively, during the winter, your body doesn’t get any favors from a home heated to 80+ degrees. Keep it within the range of a comfortable outdoor temperature, and wear a sweater around the house. Soon, your body will adjust.

Ultimately, there are more ways you can save on energy. You can replace your appliances with newer, more efficiency oriented ones. You can look into getting solar panels for your home. The possibilities are endless. In any case, start small and save some cash — and from there, start thinking big.


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