After World War II, many designers such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Charles Eames, George Nelson, to name just a few have emerged and have produced beautifully designed furniture, which we now called mid-century furniture. Their designs have continued its production until the 1960s but because of its elegance and classic design, it has continued to be a popular furniture style until today.

So what characterize mid-century furniture like those eames lounge chairs?

1. Simple.  Mid-century furniture designs have clean and simple designs. Most of them are white in color or monochromatic. Just take a look at this Barcelona Chair Reproduction pattered after the work of the famous furniture designer in the mid-century, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

2. Minimalist. Designers during the mid-century always keep a minimalist approach, as they want to keep the room looking spacious. They accomplish this by using light metals in their designs like aluminum. An example of mid-century furniture with a minimalist feel is the Noguchi Table as shown below:

nogochi table

3. Geometric shapes. The designers during this period are forward thinking that they incorporate fun in their designs by making furniture in geometric shapes.

But mid-century furniture can be a bit pricey if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, we can have these classic pieces at our home without breaking our bank account if we will buy them from is a company that specializes in reproduction of mid-century furniture. They work directly with the factory that manufactures their furniture so they can give competitive prices as compared to other furniture reproduction companies. They are hands-on in terms of the production, importation and distribution of their products so they were able to maintain the high quality of all their reproduced furniture.

Owning mid-century furniture would definitely give your home a classic and elegant look and if you want to get these at affordable prices too, then is the store that you are looking for.

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