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I always love to run.  I always run when i was being ordered by my grand mother to go and make an errands.  I will run when someone from my school or neighborhood tried to bully me but that’s also different from my childhood dream to become a professional runner.  It happen when I first saw Ms.  Lydia De Vega before at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex back in my high school days,  since then, I  dream to be like her when I grow up but how could a frail little girl like me become a runner?

Now, that I am already a wife and a mother,  I have decided that I will start to run again not to fulfill my childhood dream but to join different running events that advocates on saving our mother earth or those fun run for life.   I have been running for a while to condition myself again but an unexpected news came into my life, “I am pregnant”.    And that hinders me for a while.  As much, as I wanted to join, i have to prioritize some things  after all, pregnancy is indeed a gift of life.

Honestly, I have acquired only two running shoes in my life.   I remember my first running shoes ( i don’t know if you can consider this as a running shoes)  the one I bought in high school from a prize i have won in our school’s declamation and i have used it till my early college years.

back on memory lane

And the second one is the rubber shoes that my husband bought me, two years ago when I told him that I wanted to start running again to loose my excess fats from my first pregnancy.

That’s why, when I have learned that Unbox is giving away a beautiful running shoes, I told myself that this is the beginning of my new passion on running and with Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes I can achieve a piece of my childhood dream, I would never be the fastest runner nor can win the first prize but  I can be an advocate of green living and help in my own way our Mother Earth.

Somnio Mission Control

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