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It’s been a while since our last green monday entry. I hope you can join us again in sharing your green ideas or anything that is green.   Joining is very easy, just link your post here through the inlinks below and visit other entry and leave a sensible and loving comment.

Today, I am sharing you this eco-bag I received from Droplets of Nature.  It’s not included in their products and as per information, it was bought from a local brand that sells really cute eco-bags.

Sac people

Sac people

Eco-bags are very popular this day, I say it’s popular because it’s becoming a trend, with all the different designs and kinds of eco-bag, it take more heights of becoming a fashion item in the industry. But I just hope that it still serves it’s primary purpose and that’s to use them whenever we needed them, on going to the mall, a nearby market or just to bring anything , so even if we could not entirely eliminate the use of plastic, we can minimize them which can be a huge impact on gearing for a more sustainable life.

sunflower eco-bag

sunflower eco-bag

I can’t help myself not to smile upon opening this cute box where the eco-bag was placed.  You know me,  i so love sunflowers and this one is indeed a very nice present.  The designs are great but the actual bag is slightly not very sturdy, so I don’t think it can handle big things but I really have no plans of using them.

It’s not that i don’t want them, I totally love it and it’s going to be a part of my sunflower collection 🙂   I still have some eco-bags i have been using for daily errands, so this one is for keeps.

Now, let me see your green!  Thank you in advance .

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  1. Cyndee Hill Wells/Rude Mom Blog says

    Very cute bags 🙂

  2. Ferdinand Angeles says

    Dapat sturdy ang eco-friendly bag para reusable din right?

  3. Elizabeth Kremble says

    be great bag for kids too

  4. Sophia R says


  5. Robin Wilson says

    I love reusable totes and bags. I am somewhat of a toteaholic so to speak. This one is really cute and could easily be carried everywhere. However, I do tend to pack a lot in mine, so this might not be the greatest for shopping, but could be used for other things like carrying yarn and such.

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