Save and Stay healthy with Reusable Food Pouch for your Kids

Keeping your meals interesting and creatively prepared every time you hit the kitchen consumes a lot of time and effort especially keeping your kids interests is equally as daunting. With the help of reusable food pouch Squeez’Ems, saving time in the kitchen and saving the health of your children knowing that they are consuming healthy foods is now possible.

As a mother, we always wanted the best for our children and we wanted to make sure that they are eating nutritious foods. Fast food and foods that you can buy outside is sometimes not safe because we cannot be assure on the cleanliness and how it was handled.  That’s why, it’s always good to have your kids school snacks or just snacks that you can bring along on your next picnic to be made and picked by you. Having see-through container like Squeez’ Ems by BooginHead is a blessing.

11158079_802914176424817_1183828544_n FEATURES

  • BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free
  • One piece to eliminate lost parts
  • Freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for lunch boxes and travel

Another thing is that being able to constantly wash these reusable pouches saves you a lot of money from buying the conventional storage dishes for the fridge as well as kitchen space. You wouldn’t have to fill a whole section of your cupboard with food containers you rarely use.

Another good thing about reusable pouches is that you can prepare the drinks or puree ahead and simply have them organized in your refrigerator for the next meal or you can just give them to your children before going out.


Imagine being able to stuff a complete nutritious drinks inside one of these pouches. It will save you time in the kitchen and give you more time for the family while ensuring that they are getting the best nutritious foods you prepared.

You can also prepare several juices in advance,  You just have to prepare them in advance, during your least stressful day of the week and fill them in on this reusable pouches  This is only possible with a safe to use reusable pouch for your kitchen! But make sure to check them time to time, you don’t want to give your children spoiled drinks.

Drinking can now become fun and creative once again with Squeez’ Ems reusable pouch. No more hassles and no more worries about your children not getting the proper nutritious drinks.  Visit Squeez’Ems today or you can like BooginHead on Facebook to learn the latest updates.

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