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If you can still remember my post a year ago about the Shocking Truth about plastic bags, i highlighted then that eliminating plastic bags are indeed hard to do especially that there are many ways that plastic is really needed.   We all know the benefits of using plastic in our daily lives but seeing the damages that it can also do is somehow alarming.

With the recent flooding in the metro especially to those who live near the bay or river, soil erosion is one of the problems that they have encountered but the major problem is the volumes of plastic that almost covered the whole city when the floods came.

I believe helping our environment begins with a simple way of knowing the ways we can do to eventually ease these problems.  First is the idea of not using plastic at all, although it’s somehow hard to do, practicing on a daily basis can give you a better grip of your desire to not use them.

I read the challenge that “change the world wednesday” had posed,  Instead of buying vegetables with plastic cover, why not try to get vegetables that are loose.  The challenge is for you to be able to follow the “no packaging” advocacy to lessen the use of plastic bags.   Thinking about it, it’s a really nice idea and  i have heard that from some other places in the country, plastic is already banned and all the consumers need to bring their own eco-bag wherein they can place the things they have just bought.

Somehow, it’s worth doing but it still depends on the place. It is not that i am losing hope but i believe that the local government should be the first one to advocate on that area.  With our place still using heavy plastics, we need a law that would say that all establishment will be banned for using plastics and i believe that’s the best time to practice not using plastic at all because there are always good alternative, like using old newspaper turned into bag or even bringing your own eco-bag.

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  1. This is such an interesting post. We’ve had a couple of days of serious rain … and this morning the news warned people about flooding. I started to think about why, after just a couple of day of rain, the area is threatened by flood conditions. After reading your post, I wonder if plastic plays a part. We have less and less permeable ground so a lot more water runoff … which goes into an already over-burdened sewer system which is further stressed by items, such as plastic, blocking the drains. It all plays a part.

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