School – Eco-friendly Ideas

Whether it’s their first time to go to school or even going back to school. Let us aim to help our environment, we can make our child’s schooling as eco-friendly as possible after all, it’s a good idea for our children to learn how to preserve and help our environment even in their young age.

Here are some eco-friendly school products/supplies  that you can buy for your kids.  You can find them online or even in your nearest school supplies store.

Tree Hugger Eco-friendly pencil and ballpens are made from biodegradable and recycled products and what’s the good part is that every time you buy their products, you are helping our environment by planting one tree through Haribon Foundation.  These pencils are made from recycled newspaper and not from wood and plastics.

Tree Hugger Pencil

Crayola – one of the leading crayons maker in the market is toxic free which means safe for your kids and created from eco-friendly materials too.

non-toxic crayons

 Choose notebooks that are made from recycled materials. Your saving our environment and at the same time you will be reminded each day to help our mother earth.

recycled notebooks

Choose recycled pencil case or something made from cotton instead of plastic materials. There are some that are made from katsa, cotton and even from juice drink tetra packs.

organic cotton pencil case

Instead of using disposable plates , buy a lunch box for your kids.  You can opt to find small one but a nice non-plastic lunch box is what i prefer.

eco-friendly lunch box

 another good part is to recycled old school supplies from last year.  I remember that I used to collect all my unused notebook sheets and create, sew the side and create a new notebook with my own favorite cover on top.  It’s cheap because you don’t need to buy a new one and in the same time, you are helping to reduce consumption.

The Farm - Natural and Organic Store
Wanted Incandescent Bulb- Choose CFL

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