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Scotch Brite saves the day (picture from PMC EB)

       Our kitchen is one of the most important part in our house.  It is where all our meals are prepared. It is not a surprise if your kitchen get messy and dirty because of frequent usage.  Even I would love to cook, just the thought of cleaning the dirt makes me somehow lazy but keeping my kitchen clean and clutter free is always my main priority, after all, those places is where we prepare our food, work with our cooking gadgets and  the dishes that we intake were prepared from here.

         I remember my grand mother, she used a hard sponge to clean the kitchen tops and sinks and sometimes, she delegate that task to me.  I could remember the pain in my hands and the scratches in our kitchen tops and sink and even in our pots and pans because of the hard brushes that we used and the memory of using sand to clean the pots makes me laugh now.

cleaner, greener kitchen

      Good thing, that thing is now a history for me.  Because, I have scotch brite to save my day.   They have every cleaning materials you need, from household wipes, specialty wipes and household mops, a smart cleaning tools that I needed to make not just my kitchen, bathroom but makes my whole house bright and clean.

     Cleaning my kitchen and the whole part of the house is never an intimidated task for me now.  I know I have Scotch Brite thus saving me time, money and effort.  When I clean smarter, my world looks wonderfully brighter. 

Household Wipes:

  • One cloth that does it all!
  • Cleans better than ordinary cloth!
  • Wipes like a cloth, absorb like a sponge
  • The magnet for dust and dirt

Specialty Wipes:

  • scratch-free & lint-free
  • lifts dirt and traps it into the cloth to help cut cleaning time
  • cleans even without the chemicals
  • reusable, hand / machine washable
Household Mops:
  • Mopping is easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
  • Hand protection even for tough jobs!
      And did you know that Scotch Brite also promote green living ideas, their Greener Clean line of products aims to help our environment.  One sponge outlasts 30 rolls of paper towel.  Some of the sponges are 100% or 50% of the fibers are made from plant based materials and the packaging is made of 100% recycled content.  It’s a greener way to clean!

Scotch Brite Greener Clean

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and 3M for giving out Scotch Brite on our 2nd Grand EB.

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  1. Scotch brite yAY! This is such a good invention yah? Goodbye sands and other resourceful means of cleaning charred pans hehe!

  2. I’m a fan of scotch brite myself…:)

  3. would love to try the non-scratch pads…dko kasi nakita yan dito…:)

  4. I love the kitchen! Wish I could have one as beautiful and as clean as this one!

  5. me too, i’m an avid user of scotch brite. i hate it when i can see scratches on my non-stick pans and plates. that is why, i prefer scotch brite over other dish washing scrubs.
    joining this weeks green monday..

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